Baby Shower Fun!

We technically had two baby showers. A friend of mine put together a small shower for a few of my close friends I’ve made in San Diego. My sister and sister in-law also put on a big family and friend baby shower & gender reveal for my husband and I back home. Both were great an I enjoyed every minute of it. I just really want to share those special moments. This post is mostly for my just to have a place to share all the happy moments and remember what it all looked like. 

Let’s start with my shower in Cali. First I need to say thanks to Kristen who purchased everything and Veronica who let us have it at her home.

We had plans to get together for two hours but 2 turned into 5. It was great just getting together and spending time with people who are special to me. We had a couple dips with chips. Yummy watermelon. We even had some baby food. 

No we didn’t eat baby food for a meal. We played a fun game of taste and guess. Turns out I’m better at figuring out the gross “normal” foods than I am at figuring out the fruit. I joked I’ve been a babysitter/ nanny for at least 10 years and I couldn’t guess fruit very well. But I was thankful it wasn’t gross because I’m not sure my stomach could have handled it. 

We also started a small camp fire and roasted marshmallows. This was my favorite part. Very yummy! If you’ve never tried a Reeses peanut butter cup for the chocolate you should. It’s fantastic!!!!


On to our second baby shower and gender reveal. I want to thank our sisters for putting it on for us! And a special thanks to our moms who probably did all the real work. 

The ones who thought baby was a girl! (They were right).

The ones who thought baby was a boy! (We were wrong. Although my mother in-law says she’s waiting to believe it’s a girl until the baby actually comes out).

Unfortunately these photos have none of my father in-laws family. They were stuck at home with the snow storm that came through. 

We had some yummy tacos or for me taco salad at this baby shower. I swear I had 3 plates of taco salad. Not to mention a ton of cake. Thank you momma and grandma for making the taco meat it was awesome. Made my day!

The girls had fun putting up decorations. They even had a cute game of guess how many sheep there are. The themes of the shower was counting sheep as that’s the theme of our nursery. Funny thing was that neither child wanted to make announcements so either my mom or my mom in-law made them. It cracked me up that they didn’t want to talk in front of their own family. 

Thank you to the lovely lady who baked our cake and cupcakes!

My favorite part of the night was revealing the gender of our baby. The week before we did a cute photo shoot then printed a photo that said “It’s a girl!” We also had a cake with some pink on the inside. 

Thank you Expressionsions Photography for taking our photos!

I plan to do a haul but I think it makes more sense to do that closer to the end of my pregnancy. But I’m really excited to because we have two family members giving us tons of hand me down baby girl clothing. Then a friend I have said she’d sell me 4 tubs of girl clothing as well. I think we’ll be set for clothing! 

My last thanks goes to our friends and family. We appreciate all your love and support for this baby. We also thank you for your generous gifts for our baby girl. If it wasn’t for all of you she wouldn’t get to have so many great things. She never would need for anything as we would have given her all that she needs. But with your help she gets so much more than we probably would ever have gotten her. (Trust me I cried about this as well. If you don’t understand the joke go back and read my week 24 update).

Who put a baby shower on for you? Did you have one?

What was your favorite thing about your baby shower?

Talk soon, 



2 thoughts on “Baby Shower Fun!

  1. Hey love! 🙂

    I’m thinking about doing a mini series about pregnancy/parenting on my blog.🙂 It’s going to involve a few bloggers answering some questions and then it’ll be published on my blog. Pretty painless really.

    I would love, love, love for you to be involved (if you want). No pressure! Let me know if you want to do it🙂 If you want to be involved, then please give me your email address so I can send you the questions!🙂 🙂

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