Week 25 Pregnancy Update 

Week 25 is done and over. I feel good for the most part. 

This baby girl is growing. She’s the size of a cauliflower 13.5 inches and 1.46 pounds. It’s crazy to think she is already about a pound and a half. 

I still get the frequent headache and backache but it’s not awful. Those are two things I’ve learned to get over. I am also still finding I can’t sleep well causing me to be tired. Honestly though my sweet sweet husband is more of an issue for my sleeping troubles than this baby. Between him and my dog they take up about 98% of the bed while snuggling me. So not only do I have little space in bed, a baby taking over my belly, I also am roasting from heat even with little clothing and no blankets. I do find I get hot quickly and I think that’s the baby that makes me so hot. But like I keep saying I’ll do anything to help grow this baby. 

I mentioned before that I thought maybe I was having Braxton Hicks but I now think it’s official I am having some. I’m not really sure why people say it doesn’t hurt because man can it be painful. I find the only thing that helps is a bath or when someone (usually my husband) runs my belly. Truthfully I’ll take a belly rub any day. It makes me wonder how much worse these Braxton Hicks could be. 

This little girl has started moving significantly more than she used to. It’s amazing to feel her move so much more. The transition so far has been a great experience and I can’t wait for more!

Food cravings are still the same. Salty food and sweet tarts! And I’m still struggling with water/fluid intake. 

Talk soon,



4 thoughts on “Week 25 Pregnancy Update 

  1. Eeep, she’s getting so big! 😊 I have BH allllllll the time. I’ve been getting them since 20 weeks…or earlier. Drinking water does help because they can be due to dehydration. I don’t have to tell you that it’ll help with the headaches too haha. Rest up! My BH aren’t painful, but they definitely change in intensity if I’m walking around too much or doing too much activity. Hopefully they ease up for you 😊

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