Week 26 Pregnancy Update 

Merry Christmas!

Baby W is the size of a cucumber. 14.0 inches and 1.68 pounds. 

Braxton Hicks are still big and are getting annoying. But that’s okay I’ll live with the annoyance for her. I still have a backaches and trouble sleeping. You know the usual. I’m noticing pregnancy is becoming more prevalent in my daily life. I find I’m constantly stopping mid sentence to remember what I wanted to say. (Or mid type as I write this post). I am also finding I am much more indecisive when is comes to food. Either NOTHING sounds good or Everything sounds good. I used bold letters because it feels extreme sometimes. I still find myself very emotional. To the point that I cry just hearing someone start to whine. Or if someone frustrates me I swear I flip like a light switch. 

Something more I’ve noticed is that it’s harder to breath. I’ve noticed i got short of breath quicker when I’m doing a lot but this is different. This is like a physical feeling of it being bearded to breath. Makes sense since my lungs are compressing. It’s just strange. 

So this girl likes to move. More and more each week I’ve felt it change. Something new this week is I feel like she grabs my ribs and pulls herself up. Let me tell you it’s NOT comfortable. My husband laughs and just says I’m being a whimp. I wish my husband physically felt this for himself. Then again I don’t because it’s something I’ll always share with her. I think it might be a tad selfish I like that I’m the only one experiencing this stuff. Then I remember I’m the only one feeling the pain so it’s not that selfish. 🙂

So I’ve started to get a little nervous I’m not gaining enough weight. Just before thanksgiving I saw my doctor and he told me he wanted me to gain 20 pounds. He told me I needed to gain this by my next appointment. My next appointment is next week and I have gained a whole 5 pounds. I’m literally about to end my 2nd trimester next week with 5 pounds and when I mention this to others they all say they gained WAY more than they needed long before the middle of the second trimester. I’m honestly not sure how to get more in me. I eat till I think I’m going to be sick and I’m eating a TON but it just isn’t enough. Ugh what do I do?

Cravings are the same. Just add cheese. I never thought about the fact I HATE cheese but I’ve eaten tons of it. My mom said it’s a craving because I’m eating since the baby wants it. So I guess cheese is a new craving. 

Something else I’ve found interesting is I have no stretch marks. I’m a little surprised I have none with the amount my belly has stretched. I also notice my belly is always itchy and people have told me that’s your belly stretching. But I’m definitely okay with no stretch marks. 

At 26 weeks how did you feel?

Did you have an issue gaining weight? What did you do to help gain?

Cravings? Anything fun, interesting, or strange?

Talk soon,



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