Week 27 Pregnancy Update 

Happy New Year!

Last week of my second trimester! My goodness time is just flying by. I’m so excited to get into the last trimester it puts me so much closer to meeting this little girl of mine. 

Baby W is the size of lettuce but definitely not as flimsy. Coming in at 14.4 inches and 1.93 pounds. (I just realized I put oz on my photo oh well).

I get hiccups and heartburn all the time. Just like the weeks prior I still find I’m not sleeping well and I’m always tired. I swear I sleep in till 9am, take a nap, and go to bed about 8pm. And honestly I’m not waking up a ton at night. I’m just a restless sleeper. 

This little girl has started using mommies ribs as her very pull up bar. It’s painful but I make due. She loves to stretch diagonally and you’d think that would allow for me room but trust me it doesn’t. When she stretches diagonally I swear it hurt 10 times worse. But it’s cute because it usually signals her waking up. (That’s exactly how I wake after sleeping). This sweet girl also gets lots of hiccups. But who can blame her after sucking in amniotic fluid so often? When she gets them it kind of tickles and it’s cute. Oh I can’t wait to see these cute little things with my own eyes!

I’m still enjoying sweet tarts and salty food. I’m not sure this will ever go away. 😂 Some other cravings are chips (most often cheddar sour cream) and sandwiches. Neither of these are new really but some weeks I find I consume them more than other weeks. 

We had a doctors appointment (ultrasound done at a different appointment). Doc says baby and mommy (mostly mommy since it was mainly for me) are looking great. Doc even says she will most likely make it all the way to 40 weeks (I’m sure I mentioned previously that it was a concern). Momma didn’t have high blood pressure or any other concerning things. Although I am scheduled to do my glucose test later in the week! (Later meaning start of 28th week).

We also traveled back to San Diego this week from a very long and enjoyable month visiting family in Michigan. When we finally made it home we were more than happy. We had a nice long nap!

Talk soon, 



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