Week 28 Pregnancy Update 

Woot Woot 3rd trimester!

Baby W is the size of an eggplant. 14.8 inches and 2.2 pounds!

I swear I lead with my belly. It’s like overnight my belly started getting in the way. And if I bump it on anything even just a light tap it hurts for hours after. Good thing though is I still don’t have stretch marks. My stomach does however feel heavy. And if I sleep on my side I find it gets sore because she pulls my belly down. I have gained 7 pounds in this pregnancy! My doc told me not to feel overly stressed about gaining weight because she herself is growing just fine. However he did say to keep up trying to eat often and ill find as this trimester progresses I’ll get more and more hungry and I’ll be surprised that I’ll gain weight overnight. 

Ice cream, mashed potatoes, sweet tarts, hamburgers, Gatorade, and OJ are my cravings this week. I feel like I’m back to all the things I wanted a lot of in my first trimester. Difference is I want them more often and in higher quantities. Still no strange combinations of food thank goodness!

Baby had an ultrasound this week showing she weighs 2 pounds and that she is in the 24th percentile. Doc says he thinks she’ll be in the teens percentile for a long time after she is born. He thinks that’ll be totally normal because that’s how I was and still am. Not to mention my husband might be tall but he’s small in build. Plus he said it’s not like she has much room to grow so babies adapt to the environment they are in. He said if I was a little bigger chances are she would be too. 

I had to Tdap shot this week that wasn’t too bad. However I also had my glucose test this week. I didn’t much care for it. 😕 Then again I haven’t been told anyone likes it. It’s so strange because it was like I didn’t have tons of energy or motivation but I felt my heart racing as if I could run a few miles. Makes sense since it’s basically a pure sugar drink. 😂 I was told if there was an issue they’d call back and I guess since I took the test at the beginning of week 28 and haven’t heard anything then all must be well. 

So like I said it’s my first week of the last trimester. I’m feeling mixed emotions. I’m so very excited to meet this little girl but I just don’t feel ready yet. I’ll miss feeling her little movements inside. Plus once she’s physically here life changes and although it changes for the better I’m just nervous. But then the minute after I’m nervous I’m jumping around excited and ready to meet here. So I guess it’s good she still has a while longer on the inside (no need to rush) for me to feel prepared! Then again are you ever truly prepared?

How did you feel entering into your last trimester?

Talk soon,



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