Week 29 Pregnancy Update 

Baby W is the size of an acorn Squash! She comes in at around 15.2 inches and 2.54 pounds. She growing like a weed!

Just like the previous weeks I’ve had Braxton Hicks. However they have increased in amount and intensity. Not to mention I still have trouble sleeping, backaches, and a sore stomach. I did find that when I wear my belly support leggings I’m in less pain and I sleep better. So I started wearing more belly support. This week I’ve also started having increased pelvic pain. She literally cradles herself in my pelvic are and it’s not comfortable what so ever. It also makes it hard to walk. This week I’ve also noticed an increase in itching. I don’t just mean on my belly. It’s literally my ENTIRE body and I haven’t found anything that has helped relieve the itching. But I have a few more things to try before giving up and seeing my doctor. 

This week I’ve enjoyed a lot of red meat, salad, and pasta. Red meat has mainly been ground beef but I went grocery shopping this week and picked up spare ribs and steak! I can’t wait to eat them! 

Exciting news we signed up for a birthing class, I signed up for a breastfeeding class, and my husband signed up for a 1 day 4 hour new dads class! We’re mostly excited to do the birthing class together and we hope to get a lot out of it. My husband isn’t big on taking classes but he’s excited (for the most part) about the dads class as they are helping dads prepare to take the big step into fatherhood. Most the things they are talking about are things he’s never had to do. I’m just proud of him for signing up for a class. Makes my heart melt! I’m also excited for the breastfeeding class just to understand the basics but I’m not feeling as worried because for the first 4-6 weeks (roughly) my daughter is alive my mom will be here and she will help me a lot with understanding and finding techniques (if I struggle) to help. But mostly she’ll be there to help my husband encourage me and help as much as it’s needed. 

Well how was your 29th week? Anything exciting happen?

Talk soon,



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