Week 30 Pregnancy Update 

30 weeks!!!! I’m so excited!

Baby Girl is the size of a zucchini! (Have I ever mentioned that I feel the foods they compare to are strange)? Alright she is roughly 15.7 inches and 2.89 pounds!

This week I went to labor and delivery to get checked out (I’m over 20 weeks so I’m sent directly to L&D and I go to the military hospital). No worries I wasn’t in labor but I was having some issues. Over the course of the last few months (half way through my 2nd trimester) I started itching all over my whole body. Then in the last week I started itching so bad I would get cuts and bleed. Nothing I did helped relieve the itch so after 4 days of trying I finally went in to get looked at. While there they drew blood to check for icp and a few other things. I’ll get the results during week 31 (and I’ll update). Until then they started me on some meds and gave me a menthol lotion to use along with every other night they recommended an oatmeal bath. I’ve been doing this for about a week and I already notice a difference! A big thanks needs to be given to my husband because he has helped put lotion on my back and legs (it’s hard to hold my legs up for a long time). He’s the best!

Some other things this week or a heavy/sore stomach. She has started doing this week where her back rounds around the front of my belly making it very hard. And just like usual laying on my back isn’t comfortable and she kicks very hard if I lay on my sides. So basically it’s a lose lose situation and I don’t get much sleep. Not to mention adding in Braxton Hicks causing more discomfort. I’ve also given up watching, hearing, or reading anything sweet or sad. I cry at the drop of a pin now. I swear I’m going to need to put myself in a bubble. 

What’s amazing though is when she rolls around and puts her hand on the inside of my belly. I swear it feels like she’s stroking my belly and it just makes my heart melt. Another heart melting moment is when my husband strokes my belly and lays his head on my belly. It’s the sweetest thing. 
This week I found I still want tons of salty foods but I finally want sugary foods too. I’ve never really wanted anything sweet until this last week. I made jello and here soon my husband is taking me to get chocolate pie. As for sweet things those are really the only seeet things I’ve wanted. I’ve also wanted a lot of cereal and red meats. 

How was your week 30?

Anyone have a good place to find chocolate pie in San Diego?

Side note you’ll notice on my picture input week 31 and crossed it off. That’s because I saved it with the wrong week only to realize I was only 30 weeks. I thought I’d keep it to remind me of the funny moments. 
Talk soon,



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