Week 31 Pregnancy Update 

I finally figured out what’s wrong with me! I also learned a little more than I wanted. 

Baby W is the size of asparagus. Baby girl is roughly 16.1 inches and 3.31 pounds. Baby has all 5 of her senses now! How cool! And at the doctors appointment this week she had a heart rate of 150!

I keep mentioning how I’m always really itchy. And I recently went to Labor and Delivery because it was so bad. Well it’s official I have ICP (colastasis). Basically the bile your gallbladder let’s out basically isn’t dissolving into the body the way it should. But it need to leave your body in some way so it leaves through your pores causing you to itch a ton. It’s significantly bad on the bottoms of your feet and palms of your hands. I’m miserable itching all the time. But the meds are helping a little along with my lotions. Thank goodness!!!! Let me calm any nerves of people who are worried they will get icp. My doctor said it’s something only 1% of pregnant women get. So don’t stress and worry that you’ll get it because most likely you won’t. 

Just like all the weeks prior I’ve had heartburn, a struggle to breath, and just like normal I’m very tired. 

An added thing I learned this week is I have gestational diabetes. 😦 Both my doctor and I are very surprised because I’m pretty healthy eating conscious. I don’t even excessively over indulge on my cravings. They did say however my fasting numbers are very good and I am only just barely over the threshold of being a gestational diabetic. They have me checking my glucose levels 4 times a day from now till baby girl comes. And for the next two weeks I’m just supposed to watch what I eat and see if it’s my diet causing the high sugar levels. If I can keep my numbers low I won’t need to take meds. But my doc really just thinks it might be the excessive sugar they make you drink for the test. He thinks maybe it’s just to much of a shock to my body especially since I’m small and I don’t eat a lot of candy/sugar. 

I have cravings for salty foods still. Specifically I’m craving McDonald’s fries! (Not a good diet for icp or even gestational diabetes). But I try hard not to over indulge. I have also really wanted chocolate pie lately but have not given into that  craving. 

Alright on to the doctors appointment besides learning gestational diabetes and icp I also learned I will need to deliver early. With icp they recommend delivering babies before 38 weeks. With the addition to gestational diabetes it just adds to the need/wanting to deliver early. But I’m mainly delivering early due to icp. So I will be induced 3 days after I start week 37. I wanted to be induced as soon as possible in that week because my husbands birthday is 2 days after my week 38 weeks. My only request for delivering early was baby girl HAS to come before his birthday. I want our daughter to have her own special day. 
How was your week 32?

Did/do you have gestational diabetes?t 

Should I start packing my hospital bag? Especially since I’m going to get induced in just 5 weeks. 

Talk soon,



2 thoughts on “Week 31 Pregnancy Update 

  1. You should be able to breathe and the heartburn will go away as soon as she drops! I had the ‘lightening’ thing happen when I was something like 30 weeks, so it might happen any day for you! I woke up one day and I could suddenly breathe and eat a full plate of food again!

    As for the gestational diabetes, no, I don’t have it. I was tested for it because my baby is big, but I was well under the fasting and testing numbers. I was told that it doesn’t really have anything to do with diet and that you were going to ‘have it if you were going to have it’. Makes sense because a friend of mine was super healthy with her diet (literally no crap food) and she had GD.

    McDonald fries are the best! I had a craving for McDonald cheeseburgers with the fries stuffed INSIDE. It was the best. My week 32 absolutely sucked. I was rushed to hospital because everyone thought I was in labour haha. Part of me thinks I actually was but it stopped before I got to the hospital so they didn’t get to see the ‘full effect’ of my contractions and pain. They stopped by themselves two weeks later and I haven’t really felt them since. Win, I guess.

    I don’t think you need to worry about packing a bag yet 🙂 Especially if you have a date. Five weeks is a long time! But if you want to get organised then you could always pack the baby’s bag and put some ‘non essential essentials’ into a bag for yourself 🙂 I have a ‘go drawer’ so my mum can grab any item of clothing from it and know that it’s something I actually want to wear haha. I only have the drawer because I don’t have enough clothing to go into a bag and have in my wardrobe rotation. You could always do that too I guess! Have a drawer full of clothes that you want to wear normally but are comfortable taking to the hospital as well 🙂


    • marenasblog94 says:

      I’m kind of excited for baby to drop and allow me to breath better. 😂
      Yummy McDonald’s fries in a cheeseburger sounds amazing. I might need to go get that today. Yeah GD doesn’t have a ton to do with diet but it can help control it. But I really don’t think I need to worry to much on “fixing” my diet. I don’t eat a lot of sweets so it kind of makes sense my body wouldn’t know how to process the sugar from the drink they give you. It’s like a shock to the body. Plus my baby is very small compared to what “normal” babies look like when mom has GD.
      I like the go drawer idea. I’m with you I don’t have enough clothing to pack them in a bag right now and still have enough for my rotation.
      Oh goodness rushing to the hospital only to be told you’re not in labor doesn’t sound all that fun. lol


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