Week 32 Pregnancy Update 

Baby W is the size of a squash 16.6 inches and 3.75 pounds. She’s getting bigger!

This week is still the same old same old stuff. Sore stomach and back, headaches, and I still have the itchiness. One good thing is my meds really help with the itching!

I’m still a big fan of sandwiches (mainly from subway), salty foods, chips and salsa, and the ever favorite blue Gatorade! When it comes to chips and salsa I’ve noticed the smell of salsa really doesn’t smell good. However the taste is fantastic! So I usually avoid deep breaths when eating salsa. 

I’ve noticed I’ve stopped having new and exciting things happening in my pregnancy. It’s like I’m in a rut and every week is the same. I’m guess that’s normal it’s just so strange how I can go weeks with no change in appetite or even a change in my body shape. 

I am however happy right now my pregnancy is mainly just baby with no extra weight. I met a girl the other day we are the same amount of weeks pregnant and she’s gained 45 pounds. 45! My doc said for me to only gain 25-35 max so 45 seems crazy to me. But she’s still active and she eats well for the most part so go her! 

Talk soon,



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