Week 33 Pregnancy Update 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Baby W is the size of celery (have I mentioned the weirdness is referring to food as an example in size?) coming in at 17.2 inches and 4.19 pounds. 

*Ah I swear it doesn’t matter how many times I look over a photo before finalizing it I still mess up wording somewhere. 

The other day I went on our labor tour and while there I slipped and turned to grab my husband. You know because you’re already embarrassed as you slip in front of other people so you don’t want to add to the embarrassment by going all the way to the floor. (Plus I’m not sure they find it all that “safe” to fall on the floor when pregnant). Anyways unfortunately it activated some sciatica pain. Very frustrating because it really hurts and it’s just one more pain element to add that I wasn’t experiencing before. (Wasn’t I just complaining my weeks felt like they were identical? Guess I should not have complained). Unfortunately the only thing to do with sciatica pain is to avaoid things that make it flair and to take Tylenol. And just like before I still have some heartburn and my stomach is sore!

Food cravings!! Subway (I think I just like their sandwiches because I don’t have to take the time to make them myself). Chips & salsa, juice, and chicken pot pie! Have I mentioned before cheese is still a constant. I hated cheese before getting pregnant but since getting pregnant I can eat cheese on ANYTHING!

This week I had a prenatal appointment! I was told I can keep my gestational diabetes in very good control so I will not be needed to take meds to help control it. Yay! They also said I can lessen the finger pokes but I should do it anytime I feel off. It’ll help tell if I’ve eaten to much sugar and need to counteract or if I am very low in sugar. My weight at this appointment is 110.5 and I’m still looking good. Doc said because I’m able to maintain my weight it allows baby girl to get all that she needs and to keep me healthy. Although she did remind me more calories in my day will help keep my energy up. So I’ve started to try eating more as much as I can. I purchased ensure (a meal supplement drink to add more calories per docs request. They are nasty by the way) and I’ve found I do have more energy. However I prefer to add it to a smoothie as my thickener to help mask the yucky taste. 

This week I thought I felt baby flip but not really drop. I spent the day very uncomfortable when I stood and it was very strange feeling. (On Friday (the start of the new week) at my NST I did in fact find she had flipped). 

All in all this week was okay. Although I did learn my lesson not to complain about having it so constant. Turns out constant is good. 

Talk soon,



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