10 Day Self-Love Day 2

Day 2: 5 Positive Affirmations

1. I am loved, loving, and loveable.

2. I want love and love wants me.

3. I forgive myself for any and all mistakes I have made.

4. I am beautiful.

5. I am enough.

Google says an affirmation is 1. An action or a process of affirming something or being affirmed. 2. Emotional support or encouragement.

Basically there are two types of affirmations. Positive and negative. Negative affirmations can be true statement however they tend to be ones that tear a person down. The goal is to remind yourself of all the things you do have or can have in your life.

Talk soon,



10 Day Self-Love Challenge

10 days of learning to love myself more. First let me admit something…. This challenge makes me so nervous. I tell myself and everyone around me that I love myself and I think highly of myself. But let’s be honest here, I put myself down more often than my infant daughter changes her mind about the toy she wants to play with. (Trust me that’s a lot).

So my goal in the next 10 days is to truly dig deep and learn to love myself better! I encourage you to do the same! Because let’s face it if we can’t love ourselves how can we expect others to love us properly. And what really hits home is if I can’t love myself how can I possibly teach my daughter to love herself.

Talk soon,


Ombre Hair?

So lately I’ve wanted to try something different. I want to have a little fun.

I’m thinking I want to try the ombre hair affect. I have 5 photos I love but I’m not sure for 3 reasons.

  1. Will it turn out with my hair? It’s not short but it isnt very short. My hair is just about to half way down my back.
  2. I don’t know what hairstyle I will love the most? so what one do I pick to go with?
  3. Is it worth it? I mean I love trying new things but is it worth it to dye my hair this crazy? I mean I can always go back. And it isn’t the first time I’ve gone crazy with color.

Alright so now it’s your turn. I want to show you these ideas (I’ll number them). I’m hoping I can get some advice and maybe help on picking the right color. I’ll even take ideas if you have different color options.

I want to show you a photo of me because honestly who can give advice if you don’t know what someone looks like.

lhslcjx;j If you can’t tell there is a very slight change of color between my shirt and my pants. 🙂

  1. newhair
  2. newhair1
  3. newhair2
  4.  newhair4
  5. newhair3

So please give your advice!

Talk soon,


#LoveMe Challenge

A photo of myself!

Today I should post a photo of myself. But just because I share a photo doesn’t mean I’ll love myself more. Not even if I post my absolute favorite. Or the one I feel and look most attractive in.

So how do I let myself love myself more?

Well I guess lets start with finding my absolute favorite photo.

A day I felt absolutely beautiful was on my wedding day. However I’d never want to feel like that is my only day I was ever gorgeous. I want to think of every normal day as if I’m beautiful .

I want to love myself every day. Even on the ugly days and the bad days.

So I guess if I had to find a photo I’d have to pick this one….


I think this is my favorite photo. I used minimal make-up and just threw my hair up. I had a fun day and enjoyed my smile.

Looking back to this day I remember enjoying my time with my mom, sister, best friend and her mom (who is like a second mom). We went shopping, had lunch and dinner. Found things for my wedding and just hung out as friends and didn’t have a worry in the world. Those are my favorite days.

Those should always be the ones I love my most. I get to spend time having fun along with people I love. The ones who show me love.

I think this is a photo that will always remind me to love myself.

Talk soon,


Rollerblading Death

Okay I didn’t die but have you ever felt that panic moment as you’re falling? Even if it’s 3 feet?

Well if not then you’re awesome! But it can be scary. That or I’m a baby, let’s not try to figure that out.

Here are 2 funny stories that have recently happened while rollerblading with my dad.

1st story:
Last October 2014 it was a great day to be outside. My dad invited me to go for a walk. Often times I say no just out of laziness. That day I was feeling great and wanting out of the house so I said yes. As we walked out of the garage I saw our blades so I asked if we could go rollerblading. I was surprised when my dad said yes.

I don’t officially own rollerblades. I just have a crapy pair someone left at my house who knows when. When I say crapy I mean the wheels don’t move. So my dad loosened them up the best he could. They rolled but I had to put a lot of effort in. I was still willing to go rollerblading I put to much effort in to fix these dang blades not to try.

About .25 miles from home I was exhausted. So my dad decided to try something different. (Just in case he brought his loosening tool incase it needed adjusted.) His idea was to pull the back blade. The one that wouldn’t roll. Turns out that was a VERY bad idea. I fell hard almost immediately.

When I say fell I mean I really fell. I slammed down on my knees, elbow, hand, and shoulder. I was bleeding and swollen. I cried like 20 year old not an almost 20 year old. (I turned 20 less that 3 months later.) My dad felt awful. But honestly we didn’t know what would happen. So my dad put my wheel back on he picked me up and hugged me. Then we started heading home. About half way home my dad convinced me to turn around and keep going. He wanted to end our journey on a high note.

And I did. I rode down 2 big hills and ended going 2 miles. I was very happy. Best part was when I got home and my dad babied me. He got me 4 ice packs and cleaned all my cut. Even gave me blue (my favorite color) band aids.
It turned out to be a great day.

Fast forward to today!

2nd story:
Today in April 2015. I asked my dad to go on a walk. Then changed my mind to go blading. After last time we fixed up my blades. At least that’s what we hoped for.

So anyways we went for a short 1.25 mile blading trip. The last leg of the trip was down hill. The bottom of the hill was my house. Well at the top my dad stated “It’s been a good trip. We’re going home with no crying, falling, or injuries.”

Can you guess what happens next?

If you guessed I fall then you are right.

Half way down the hill my wheel that sucks broke off. It broke off! Seriously how is that possible? Well however possible it happened.

When it first broke my dad happened to be passing but I didn’t want to hit him so I grabbed him for a second. He goes “Don’t grab me!” So I let go and tried gracefully fall to the ground. I was a gymnast for 4 years. You’d think that’d gone me grace right? Well not for me. Any other time I’m sure I’d be grateful.

I tried hard not to fall too hard. I settled with a banged up knee. That’s better than last time. 🙂 I think my dad jinxed us. 🙂

So the reason I get panicked as I fall is becomes I’m afraid I’ll slam my head on the ground. I’m too young to get a serious concussion. Or even a cracked skull. I’m also too young to need plastic surgery on my face. So honestly it’s probably not a big deal I freak when I fall.

I hope you enjoyed my two close to death experiences. 😉

Talk soon,


I hate when people are hard on others
Especially if it has to do with a tattoo.

I personally have two. The answer is always YES. Yes I may come to regret my tattoo. But I could also regret changing my mind on a final test in college. Or regret telling a secret.
So yes some day I may regret my tattoos. However I choose not worry about that happening. I personally do lots of searching on tattoos, my reasons, where I’ll get it (on my body and who does it.) I also know not everyone is as thorough as I am.
One of tattoos is the date my fiancé and I started dating. I went so far in research as to find the perfect cover up tattoo in case we don’t work out or he dies. Again I store it away and choose not to fret over something that may never happen.


No I may not agree with every tattoo someone gets or where they get it but who am I to judge? They can think the same of me. My answer to others is if you don’t like tattoos then don’t get them. If you don’t like a placement or style of a tattoo don’t get it.
For example I’m not a fan of sleeves. I dont even prefer any tattoo on arms. I worry it’d be harxer to get jobs in certian places with sn arm tattoo. You can expect I won’t get one on my arms. My fiancé does however have a tattoo on his arm and it’s perfect for him.

The reason why I’m making this post is because I saw a post about “Moms without tattoos have children with futures.” It’s a little frustrating that someone could be that rude. I don’t feel tattoos have anything to do with parenting. My fiancé’s mother has tattoos and he turned out to be amazing. In all reality I think he has surpassed her in some ways. My mother does not have tattoos but I also think I have surpassed her in some ways as well.

Both of our parents raised us very different but very similar. Both parents taught us not to judge, to love with all our heart, stand proud, and stand up for others. Those are just a few things. Honestly those are probably the most important things our parents taught us. With those lessons Thomas and I have grown into what I believe great people. Thomas is successful in his navy career and I am working on a nursing degree.

I hope all of you choose to make your own decisions.

Talk soon,

Beauty Queen

At first I hated the idea of beauty contests. Honestly I still mostly do.

I don’t feel beauty contests should be based solely on beauty. Beauty comes in all forms.
I worry that girls these days worry too much on outside beauty. Why is it so great to worry about outside apearences and not inside? I wish someone would honestly answer that question.

I believe everyone should focus more on intelligence and morality. The only thing that will truly get a person far in life is intelligence. Looks fade. At least that’s what I was always taught.


This is a great friend of mine. I believe she is very beautiful but I also believe she is very smart. I’m not sure what made her win this Pagent but my hope is that she was the whole package.

Our hometown runs a scholarship beauty contest. The Tip Up Beauty Pagent is my favorite. Not only do the give out beauty awards but they give out academic awards. Now Kt didn’t win that Pagent but that’s okay. The young lady who did also had the total package. She is an amazing academic student, very beautiful, and the best is she isn’t a twig.

When watching most pagents I find the girls look like twigs off a dying tree. You can see that too right? Dying trees are just not beautiful. So what makes a girl believe it is. I think it’s our society.
A nice thought is that more and more I feel society is changing.

Good job society!


This is me. I’m not overly beautiful, skiny, or snart. But I’m still amazing right?
The answer should always be yes. I should jump to say yes and so should everyone else. But we don’t and that isn’t good. My hope is one day no one is judged by looks, race, religion, gender, or anything else.

This will only happen if we all start to stick  up for our own beauty and stick up for each others beauty.

So let me start.


All it takes is reminding yourself once a day and finding one new person a day and remind them.

Talk soon,

P.S. I want to share a congrats and great job to my friend Kt. And to the young lady who won Tip Up. I mentioned both of you and you both deserve recognition.