To my Love

Today my love it is your birthday. You are officially 22 and I’m so happy for you.
Thomas we’ve been through think and thin and I’m so happy for our accomplishments.


I wouldn’t change our life for the world. If I did I’m not sure we’d still have a great relationship. The last 5 and a half years has made us who we are. And we have many years to keep making us better.

Thomas I’ve never told you this but I used to go to bed many nights crying before I met you. I would cry myself to sleep with the thought that I would never find someone to love me. I was afraid that no one would except my hands and embrace me/them. I even had surgery just so one day I could hopefully wear a wedding ring. Now in 5 months and 11 days we will be married. You’ve made me so happy because at 13 I never thought this would happen. Now at 20 my dreams of finding the love of my life and having a family are coming true.

I can’t wait to see how our life will turn out. Oh yeah I don’t want thousands of children. We can stay 4 and under. 😉

I hope your day is everything you want it to be. I know you are on duty so that makes your birthday suck. But you’ll be off tomorrow to have a great celebration. (Just stay safe and don’t be bad.) I wish I could be there with you but soon I will.

I love you Thomas with all my life!


Thomas I also love how we can have fun and be goofy. Don’t stop making me laugh like you did here.

Talk soon,

P.S. Thomas I trust you with me life and I’ve never had that before. It’s a great feeling to know if you go out to celebrate you won’t do anything you shouldn’t.


Birthday Expectations

As some of you may have saw yesterday was my birthday. I was so excited. But today I feel empty. Like there was nothing exciting to it.

I remember waking up every December 5th with family and presents and warmth that made me feel special. Yesterday I woke up alone and feeling empty. Like so much was missing. (It’s carried on to today).

I came home today (the day after my birthday) thinking everyone would hug me and ask how my birthday was. But no one did. My mom thought it’d be a great idea to take me shopping for what I wanted (it was a good idea) I just wish I could have unwrapped my present. I would have been happy with anything I got. The only thing I wanted was to open somethinh like I was still a little girl.

I’m not a little girl anymore so maybe this is a feeling I’ll just have to get over.

The thing I’m most upset about is we’re not having a traditional birthday dinner. My dad is too busy with work so it sounds, my sister has a dance, and I’m not sure about my mom. I would happy if at least my parents took me out for something special. Oh well.


Talk soon,


Happy 20th to me!


The next time we talk I’ll be another year older.

I feel like I’ll be a whole new person!

10 minutes in counting!

Thanks for following me. I never thought I’d have followers so it’s amazing.

I hope you have been enjoying me and my posts!

Talk soon,