Pregnancy Update Week 5

So honestly I feel like the first trimester everything is going to be the same besides the size of the baby. But I want to keep track mostly for myself so what does it matter if I repeat every week? Okay but there actually has been new things this weeks so it’s not exactly the same. 

Welcome to week 5 of my pregnancy. Friday July 29, 2016 to Thursday April 4, 2017. Baby is the size of an Appleseed, .13 inches. I am measuring as of 5 and 1/2 weeks that I’ll be due April 1st.  I’ve also nicknamed baby and the bump I’ll have biscuit or little biscuit. 

This week I have yet again been pretty tired most days. So nap time is a must. And honestly I don’t trust people who don’t take naps once in a while even when their not pregnant. I mean what are you super human? So yeah this week has consisted of one to two naps a day and usual asleep for the night by 9pm. However that does mean I’m usually awake at 5:30 am when my husband goes to work and I find myself falling back to sleep around 7 until and “acceptable” time (so in my eyes 9am unless I work then 8am). How did you mommas sleep when pregnant? Did you have a routine? Now obviously I know the bigger you get less sleep you’ll get but I’m really just talking the early pregnancy fatigue. 

I’ve been nauseous and have had a loss of appetite this week still. Just like last week is I really want something I’ll eat but mostly nothing sounds good. And with the nausea I haven’t really even wanted to try. Hot foods (besides biscuits and gravy my only craving) are pretty much a no no. There is honestly never any hot foods I really want. Not only do hot foods never really sound good but I feel like it just turns my stomach and makes me more sick (just the thought of it now makes me sick). I have enjoyed lots of fruit. Anything cold or dry works pretty well so I’ve eaten lots of clementines, chicken salad, and cereal. Oh and veggies don’t really excite me to eat right now either. Just not so bad as it makes me sick. At what point will end up with strange cravings? Does everyone get strange cravings or not all the time?

This week on Monday August 1st I went in to have my first prenatal checkup (so early because my last pregnancy was ectopic). I saw my doctor, had my blood drawn, and the most exciting part I had an ultrasound. My doctor said everything looked good. My ultrasound showed the sack but no yoke in my uterus. My doctor said the yoke shows up during week 5 but at different stages for all women and pregnancies. For some it shows as early as day 1 for some as late as day 6. The reason for this is 1. Each woman is different 2. Each pregnancy is different 3. If a woman ovulates later than when she thinks (I track my periods but never my ovulation so I can only go based on the “usual” estimation which is you ovulate a week after your period ends) and 4. You also don’t know a 100% when the sperm actually meets the egg (you just have a guess and/or estimation).

The reason I had my blood drawn was so my doctor could check that my hcg levels went up. Usually in a viable pregnancy they double (or more than double) in a 48 hour window. So I had my blood drawn Monday and again on Wednesday. My doctor called that afternoon saying everything looked great! But silly me I didn’t think to ask what the two numbers were exactly so I’ll need to ask at my next appointment.

My doctor went ahead and made me another ultrasound and prenatal appointment for next Thursday (last day of week 6). He wants to be able to say with complete certainty that he can see a yoke and that there really is a baby growing in there. He also hopes to hear a heartbeat. (Babies heartbeat can usually be heard during the 6th week but again sometimes it can be later more like 7 weeks). This is his way of just checking to make sure all is still going good. 

As of right now the doctor feels everything is looking good he called it “the hope of a baby” and that he has high hopes all is good and all will stay good. For a new momma especially one that lost her baby previously it gave me great encouragement and comfort to know he feels everything will be great! But as a momma of faith I know God has a plan so I’m just trying to stay positive and follow the path God has layed out for me, my family, and this growing baby. 

This week I’ve also had little cramping here and there. It’s more of an uncomfortable pain but nothing big. My doctor says this is the uterus growing along with muscles and ligaments growing and getting ready for a growing belly and baby. He said as long as I’m not doubled over in pain for 30 minutes straight and/or bleeding accompanied all is well. And for me I’ve had no bleeding and it really is just a slight uncomfortable pain that last for a few seconds or minutes here and there. However if I sneeze it hurts especially if I’m also laying on my side (again it’s normal for the same reason).
What did you mommas experience this week?

Talk soon,



Challenge Day 13

Today’s challenge is to share about my favorite musician and why.

That’s hard because I’m awful At knowing who sings what. I’ve waited till 10pm to figure out what to say. I’m struggling.

Here is me trying. Sorry if it’s not as good as it could be.

I love country music. I prefer not the drinking and sad songs. But those can be catchy. I love Kelly Clarkson, Miranda Lambert, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, and Kenny Chesney, Toby Keith.
I grew up on dDon’t Take the Girl by Tim McGraw. It was something my mom and I listened to many times. Country is my favorite because I can usually understand what’s being said and often times I can relate. But mostly because of my momma loving Tim McGraw and Faith Hill so much.

I also love Christian music. I grew up in a very faith filled life and love being able to worship with music. No matter the mood I was in a song could touch me so deeply and it’s as if I transport to a better place. As if I’m dancing in heaven safe and sound in arms of love. My parents helped me grow into my faith but with God I’ve let my faith blossom. I love Hillsong, Skillet (I’m surprised at this…. I actually saw them the first time with my now fiancé before we started dating.) I love Casting Crowns, Brothatone, Seventh Day Slumber, Jamie Grace, Mercy Me, Toby Mac. I could go on for days. In all reality Christian music is my true number 1.

Obviously there are many other artists I enjoy like Eminem, John Legend, Imagine Dragon, Taylor Swift. I honestly love most everything I listen too. I just prefer not to listen to over repetitive and screaming music (screaming music bothers me it’s why I was surprised I enjoy Skillet.)

My absolute favorite song is Hero Heroine by Boys Like Girls. This is my song with my fiancé Thomas. Sometimes he’ll even sing it to me. He told me I’m his drug of choice then a few days later told me all about this song. I instantly fell in love with this song.

I hope you enjoyed today’s challenge post!

Talk soon,

P.S Are any of you doing the challenge? Don’t forget to let me know if you do. I’d love to see your challenge. Who knows maybe we’ll find common interests. I can’t ever say no to a new friend. 🙂
If you want the list for the challenge look back a few posts and find the one that says 30 Day Blog Challenge. Or something like that.

Challenge Day 5

Today’s challenge is to post a picture of myself from 2 years ago.

Two years ago from today I was in my senior year of high school.


This is one of my favorite photos.
I worked at a camp and they had a high tops corse. Part of my job meant I needed to climb 40 feet up and help people across.

However I’m terrified of hights. It took me 2 tries to go half way up but 3 just to step on the top board. On the 4th try I started the corse. Unfortunately I panicked half way across the first obstacle. Another employee (the guy teaching us) had to come “rescue” me.
After that I just kept trying. Good (maybe bad) thing for me was the guy who taught us wouldn’t rescue me after that. He told me I had to face my fear.

That is exactly what I did! We’ll mostly. I still get very afraid and I don’t always have the time to do it a bunch of times and face my fears. But it does make hights easier.

By the end of our first training week I even let a friend practice an emergency rescue. He had to lower me 40 ft to the ground. The only thing keeping me safe was the strength of him lowering with a rope over the top bar. It was terrifying.

This picture reminds me I can do anything with a little faith and courage.

Talk doon,

My First Time

I know you’re probably thinking I’m about to tell you the first time I had sex our something. But that isn’t the case. Sorry of I dissipointed anyone.

I’m actually going to tell you about my first Mission trip experience. It was eye opening.

Chicago, Illinois summer of 2008. Right before I went into 8th grade. I feel like I was much older but I guess I was just mature and more grown up than I should have been.


Anyways. We were working inter city Chicago. We worked in a great shelter. They do so much more for the city than just feed and give beds to people who stay in the shelter. Once a week they fill a huge semi with food and take it to an area of town where everything is very run down.

The leader of the group split us up into teams. We had to stick together and walk the area. The goal was to let everyone know we had good to give out and where to go.
I remember my was in one group thinking I was in a group with our pastor. But I wasnt. I remember that my group was late getting back. And I hear my mom was in a panicked state. She was really worried. Makes sense since I’m her oldest. When I got back I don’t think she left my side for another few hours.

It was amazing to see how money people came to get food with their families. It was my first REAL eye opener to see how many needed food. What surprised me most was how many children came for food. Some told me they had to hide their food from their family. One little boy told me it was because his dad told him it was better to starve than to ask for charity. It made my heart break.
But what made me happiest is he sneaks a little home every day just so his younger brother could get a little extra to eat.

I didn’t do a lot 9f different things while I was in Chicago but every day I met someone new who needed help some needed tons and other just needed a little. But none the less they all needed something.

The one good thing that kept them alike was they all believed there is a God. Some more than others but it connected them.

I want to say much more but I don’t want to rush my stories/memories of my times here in these places.

Talk soon,

P.S. Do me a favor and look up something for me.

Adventure in Missions


(My first sight after leaving the airport and city around the airport in the Dominican Republic.)

I love mission trips.
I love sharing my faith and helping others. It’s an amazing feeling to know that I of all people can impact someones life. For good or bad. I chose to influence them in a good way.

The dissipointing thing for me is mission trips are expensive. I just can’t financially afford trips the way I wish I could. When I was in high school it was easy. I could rely on my parents and I was going with my youth group. Groups are always cheaper.

I know that I can create my own mission trip in my backyard. Share my faith for free with the people around me. But my hope is I’m already doing that every day. I like helping more than just the area I live in. I like the language barrier it’s hard to cross but I like being able to overcome it. I guess I just like having more challenges when it comes to sharing my faith. (Is that a weird statement?)

I’ve been on 3 mission trips. Intercity Chicago, Dominican Republic, and Blue ridge mountains North Carolina. I can’t forget my hometown of Coldwater, Michigan and obviously my college town of Lansing, Michigan. I feel good about what I’ve done so far but I’m ready for more.


This is a sweet girl I met in the Dominican Republic. (Nothing like using tons of sun screen and still burning.)

My tip for any of you who want to do a mission trip. Use World Vision – Adventure in Missions. They are an amazing company and I haven’t had problems yet.

Just be aware that I’ve only found the shortest trip being a month long. Except for youth group mission trips. So be aware you adults there is a lot of time you need to put into it.

My favor to ask of you is to tell me if you know of any companies who do a week or two week long trips for adults (especially for college age students.)

I also ask you’ll share if you’ve been on mission trips before. I’ll make another blog post later sharing my favorite memories!

Talk soon,


My sister and I started  a television show called Supernatural. So far it’s pretty good. There are roughly 6 seasons so obviously others like the show too.

Anyways I’ve never really believed in ghosts or supernatural beings. But I’ve been wondering. What if ghosts are real? Not apperitions or some sort of haunting thing. More like a guardian angel. Someone in your life who sticks around and looks after you.

There are moments in my life where I feel someone is watching over me. Or I feel comforted when I’m upset. I feel like God gives us our own little angel. I used to describe them as elves to Santa. God has his own little helpers.

A part of me hopes that is true. It’s a nice thought to think family and friends who are gone are still close. Not just in my heart. I think we as humans need that comfort every once in a while.

Talk soon,

Voice of Truth

Today in church we sang a Casting Crowns song The Voice of Truth.

This verse made me stop and think.

“And the voice of truth says, “Do not be afraid!”
And the voice of truth says, “This is for My glory”
Out of all the voices calling out to me
I will choose to listen and believe the voice of truth”

I find in my life I fear more than I need to. I let my life be run by fear. Fear of the future, the dark, other people, even my faith somtimes. Fear just seems to seep in through the cracks everywhere I turn.

All the voices calling out to me I will choose to listen and believe

In the voice of truth.


The voice of my God and savior is all the voice I should be listening to. But you know what? Like every other person I am not perfect and I slip. Sometimes I feel like I’ve slipped so far I’ll never get back up. But I do with his help.

I guess what I’m trying to say is its okay to fear. As long as the only voice you listen to is the truth. Put your faith in him that all will be okay.

God does not give more than you can handle.
1 Corinthians 10:13

Just focus on the voice of truth.
I believe in you, in myself, and in my God.

Talk soon,