Pregnant? So soon? Why?

Well it’s officially official. I’m pregnant with baby #2. In fact I’ve been pregnant for 20 weeks. I’m half way done!

My daughter is one month shy of being a year and a half old. She’ll be a year and 9months old when baby #2 is born. So I’ll have 2 under 2.

And for some reason I keep getting the same questions. Why would you want a second already? Don’t you feel like that will take away from your daughter? Are you bored? Are you crazy?

I’m just over here like uhhh….. No I’m not crazy nor am I bored. But I have tons of love in my heart (and so does my husband) and we’re ready for baby #2. Also of course I don’t feel like I’m taking anything away from my daughter. Just because we’re growing our family doesn’t mean we’ll leave the family we already have behind. In fact part of growing our family means each and everyone of us will grow in our own ways. And guess what? That means so will our daughter. She’ll receive just as much love if not more as she already does.

Part of why we were ready for baby #2 is because we want our children to grow up together. Not just in the same house but as friends. My sister and I are 5 years apart and we’re close but one thing we know for sure is if we were even 2 years closer in age we’d be so much better of friends. My husband says he’s so far in age from his youngest sibling that even though they are close he’s definitely not as close as he could be if she had come just a few years sooner.

All in all what I’m trying to say is I wish people didn’t have so many opinions. Just congratulate me and my family and move on. Keep the comments to yourself. Better yet if you feel the need to comment then tell your mother your husband. Don’t take away a special moment like having another baby from someone.

Well it’s that time! Meet baby W #2 from the womb! Baby #2 is a sweet baby boy! He’s growing amazing and very healthy!

Talk soon,




So recently my daughter has figured out she can lift her leg up onto things. For example she lifts her leg up on to the ledge of the bathtub. Thank goodness she hast figured out how to actually climb out yet! But she’ll slip, fall, bump her knees, hit her head a thousand times yet she keeps getting back up to try again.

It’s so common for us to fall and act as if it was such a life altering fall. The fall could be from 2 inches off the ground or 2 feet and we act as if we fell from the top of the Empire State Building. But here is this little girl falling over and over yet she keeps getting up as if nothing happened.

What happened to the child? The child that faced challenges over and over again as if it’s new every time.

I think I’m going to take a page out of my daughter’s book. I’m want to get back to The mentality of trying again just like my daughter.

What’s that saying? If at first you don’t succeed try try again.

What are some areas you find yourself falling?

Talk soon,


P.s. I’m also thankful my daughter can’t get her leg over the rail to her crib. But it’s only a matter of time.


Ah yes Mom life…. The never ending journey of growth!

Technically I became a mother the day I found out I was pregnant with my angel baby. I never expected my first mom life momemt to be mixed with such joy and sadness in such a short time. I knew I was pregnant for 2 weeks before I found out I had lost my baby. I then spent another 2 weeks of technically being pregnant and another month after that where I was no longer pregnant but my body felt like it was. I went from being so excited and ready to being a mom to wanting to crawl under a rock and never come out.

I talked with people and shared my sadness but I never truly told anyone how much pain I was in. Not even my husband. It was a pain that I just couldn’t explain. And honestly it was a pain I felt I deserved. Now don’t get me wrong I knew there was nothing I did wrong and sometimes these things happen. But all I could think was how it was MY body that couldn’t grow this baby and MY body rejected not anyone else’s. Mine! I read a few books and prayed a lot and I finally came to turns with everything. But even 2 years later I still have my moments where I fall back into that sadness and anger at myself.

But then I got pregnant with my daughter Kairi. I had a new mom life moment. One filled with joy and happiness. One that’s also filled with sleepy nights and cold meals. You know because if baby doesn’t sleep then I don’t sleep. Not to mention everyone’s gotta have food before I even get a moment to sit. But I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Then it leads into my new mom life moment! I officially got the all clear to try for another baby! Even with all the crazy in my life I’m excited to go at it again! Baby number 2 here we come!

Talk soon,


Lessons From the 10 Day Self-Love Challenge

Well I did it! I took 10 days to dig deep and truly love myself. Each day I found I had a little different perspective on my life. Some days were super easy and others I really had to think. Let me tell you those days were hard.

I found I spend my day to day life acting and telling others how much I love myself and cherish myself but in reality I’m my own worst critic. I put myself down, give up, have bad thoughts about myself, and so much more. But I also have moments where I show myself love and thats good but don’t acknowledge it and that’s bad.

I started this 10 Day journey questioning if I couldn’t love myself how was I supposed to teach my daughter to herself. Although I may not be a rock star yet I feel like I’m on my way to being the next Sheyrl Crow. (Okay don’t laugh at the comparison but it’s the best I had). I found that even recognizing the simplest of things is a great way to show love to myself. I don’t need to have some big gesture to show myself in great, special, and mean the world to myself. Heck even taking a moment to relax in the bath is great way to show appreciation to myself.

All in all I found this self love challenge was pretty great!

I think once a week I’m going to sit down when I can find some alone quiet time and reflect on all the great things thing happened to me. And throughout the reflection I’m going to give myself an imaginary pat on the back. Reminding me just how great I truly am!

10 Day Self-Love Day 3

Day 3: How do you show yourself love on a daily basis?

As I sit here trying to figure the answer out I realized I don’t…. I don’t show myself love. Not really… I used to take a bath every night just to relax and have time to myself.

But for some reason I stopped doing that. Now I can’t even find anything else I might do to show myself love.

Lately I’ve set a goal to drink 60oz of water a day and go on a 1 mile walk every day. Thast counts as loving myself right? I’m challenging myself to keep my physical body healthy.

So because I can’t truly think of a way I show myself love I’m going to come up with 3 ways I could show myself love. Then…. I’m going to do it!

The first way is to get back into taking a nightly bath to relax and just spend some time alone.

The second way I’ll show myself love is to fix my hair. Not just simply brushing it or throwing it in a ponytail. Honestly you can’t feel bad if you look fantastic right? I mean if I have high spirits from looking nice that’s a form of love.

The third way I’ll show myself love is every morning I’ll tell myself 3 things I love about myself. The other day we talked about positive affirmations. So every morning I’m going to reaffirm the things I enjoy about myself.

How do you show yourself love?

Well I’m off for a bath! I might even throw in some bubbles.

Talk soon,


Ahhh Time is flying 

I had hoped to write a weekly post about my daughter but it just hasn’t happened. She’s 7 weeks old we’ve moved to Hawaii and so much more has happened. The only thing I can remember right now is how tired I am. I’m determined to get back to writing. 

But all of you thatbhave no kids or have older kids and get sleep please think of me! Please! There is only so much sleep a 7 week old baby allows you to have when she’s a premie and her doctors won’t let her go more than 3 hours of time before eating again. (Most full term babies have started to sleep longer than 3 hours by now).

Talk soon,


23 Week Pregnancy Update 

This week has been such an exciting week! My husband and I finally found out our baby’s gender!

My husband wants a boy but he guessed that the baby is a girl. 

I had no intuition so I guessed boy because it’s what I wanted. 

Although even for wanting a boy we would also be happy with a girl. Just like everyone else says we just really want a healthy baby. 


Alright on to the update!

This week baby is the size of a grapefruit. 11.3 inches and 1.10 pounds. Baby finally hit a pound and honestly I can tell the baby is heavier. Well I feel like my belly is heavier that’s for sure. 

This week we physically saw baby move. I thought feeling baby move on the inside was strange but seeing it on the outside was stranger. But my husband and I have been enjoying the changes. It’s great experiencing this together 

I haven’t really had any special cravings and that feels a little new. Salty foods are still good. Although I did go to my favorite restaurant for my birthday! BD’s Mongolian BBQ. 

I also found my body is still always sore but I figured that’d happen. Nothing new here. 

So all in all besides finding out the gender of our baby nothing has happened. 

Talk soon,