Ahhh Time is flying 

I had hoped to write a weekly post about my daughter but it just hasn’t happened. She’s 7 weeks old we’ve moved to Hawaii and so much more has happened. The only thing I can remember right now is how tired I am. I’m determined to get back to writing. 

But all of you thatbhave no kids or have older kids and get sleep please think of me! Please! There is only so much sleep a 7 week old baby allows you to have when she’s a premie and her doctors won’t let her go more than 3 hours of time before eating again. (Most full term babies have started to sleep longer than 3 hours by now).

Talk soon,



Cleaning and Organizing Before a Big Move. 

So we move in nine months to Hawaii not to mention I’m pregnant. So I’m trying to de-clutter as much as possible over the next months. (Basically the moving people will be here around little biscuits due date. Thank goodness for an awesome mom, mom in law, and more importantly husband). Anyways I’ve found the cleaning is easy. I mean really I’m just doing all the “normal” things right now. But my oh my is the organization harder than I expected. Mainly because my husband has so much video game stuff and stuff in general. It’s hard to decide what to keep and what not to become without him giving me those answers I just don’t know. It doesn’t help he works so much I feel bad and just want to let him rest and not “work” some more. 

So I’ve been going through clothing and kitchen stuff (we have like 100 China dishes and wine glasses that we don’t use from our wedding). I’ve already got two boxes to donate and I’m feeling good. 

I know that I really don’t need to do to much for another few months but it helps me feel relaxed and prepared. Honestly I’ll do more organizing and de cluttering again in January and probably again in the beginning of March (biscuit is due the end of March) when my mother gets out here to help. Then when the movers come the beginning of April (at least I think it’s when they’ll come) I think I’ll be comfortable with them packing what we have. 

Plus maybe we’ll start off in our new home with a little less as we fill it with more baby needs. 

Any tips on packing? Moving? Organization? Military (navy) moves?

This is technically our first pcs as a family. 

Talk soon,


Best and Worst Advice on Moving

Can you imagine anyone would give bad advice? Well trust me some do.

I was talking the other day to a lady about how I’m moving from Michigan to California to join my husband at the base he is stationed at me. she told me and I’ll use exact words “That is so great! I love moving it’s so easy.” I stopped short because so far moving has NOT been easy so I’m trying to figure out how in the world she thinks it’s easy. I ask and had to laugh by her answer because after she said it I understand why she thinks moving is so splendid. She told me she hires someone to pack here whole house and move it. I finally realized she A. has much more money than I realized B. I wish I could afford that and C. she is a tad nuts.

Of course if I had the money to hire someone I would. But I definitely don’t have that kind of cash hanging around. Plus I’m too OCD to let someone pack my stuff. And too grossed out thinking they’d see me unmentionables.

So that is my worst advice because it is it truly is. Most people don’t rely on others to pack. However I do know lots of people trust the help to do the actual moving part. And if done right it isn’t usually that expensive.

The best moving advise I was ever given is to pack by room and not to move to a new room till I’m done with the first. Then when the room is done write the room name on the box then leave in that room till it’s time to pack the moving van. The other advice that goes along with this is to pack like things in a box. So basically be very organized.

For me this works very well. But the only way it works is if I make sure all things are taken care of and the whole place is very clean.

Alright guys and gals I’m moving in the next few months. I’m trying to slowly send my things to the new place. My husband is there before me since it’s where he is stationed. What are some of your tips on moving?

Talk soon,