To Work or Not Work?

This is a question I’ve been asking not only myself but my husband on a constant basis over the last few weeks. 

We’ve been in San Diego 2 months and I still don’t have a job. Not because I don’t want to but because California is strict on their medical field requirements. 

I am a nationally certified phlebotomist and you’d think that would be enough. No state requires you to be certified they just want proof you passed the class. I on the other hand wanted to be at a higher standard so I got nationally certified. However, California and New York are two states unlike the rest. They don’t care if you’re nationally certified. They want you to be state certified specifically for their state. I find this to be ridiculous if I’m already nationally certifide why should I then get state certified for a state I may not be in very long. 

I just spent tons of money for the class and my national certificate that I don’t want to then she’ll out tons of money for a state my husband and I don’t want to stay in our whole life. Let alone the fact he’s in the military and we not even be here longer than a year. Not only do I pay for the certification California wants you to spend roughly 400$ to take a 4 day class before you can even take the certification exam. So this means I put my medical career on the hold. 

All that’s fine I’m okay with waiting till we move agin. So people might ask why not get a different job. Like Lifeguarding or being a waitress both things I am qualified to do. My answer is I’ve been a lifeguard for 10 or so years and I’m tired of it. As for being a waitress it was one of those been there done that never going back kind of jobs. 

So then came the question of do I really need to work. We are gone in 8 months roughly do I need to work for that time frame? The answe from my husband was no you don’t need to work nor do you ever have to if you don’t want to.

That bothered me. I never have to work? So I’d turn into THAT military wife that never works. Now don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with military wives staying at home. I’ve just always thought if they were staying home it’s because they had children. Not because they just didn’t have to or want to work. 

So after a long decision process and talking with my husband I decided I would look into babysitting with on an occasional basis. This way I can bring in extra money to put into our save every once in a while and I can get out of the house. This also helps me feel like I’m needed as more than a cleaning person or cook. It makes me feel like I’m contributing to our finances even if it’s only a little. 

I also decided I wanted to find a place to volunteer with children so if you know of good places in San Diego with children let me know!
Now this is just our plan for California living. Every new location means a new plan of action. 

Talk soon,



Phlebotomist or Vampire?

Fine line? We both “suck” the blood out, we both want warm blood, and neither want to lose any.

Sometimes I wonder if a vampire has it better. When watching television you never see a vampire miss. They never have to feel around for the vein. and how many times do you see a vampire who has someone tell them no? Then again they are mind controlling the person. 🙂 And better yet they never have their people fight back or move around. Again though they are using mind control.

So they may have it easier but at least I’m not taking the choice. 🙂

It’s always funny to joke around at work about how I’m the resident vampire. And how my vampireism is legal and doesn’t get me hunted down by mobs.

Do any of you have funny stories? Being the “vampire” or being the “victim”?


Talk soon,


To Much at One Time

Wedding organization.
Moving organization.
Garage Sale?

Ahhhh. So much going on all in a few week time frame!

Let’s switch gears where I tell you I’m OCD. I basically have quickly moved home about a month ago with no organization.

I have a room full of semi organized wedding stuff with 2 weeks till the wedding.

I have a bedroom that looks like a tornado came through. Oh and it only has “essential” items in it. (Essential my butt. It’s a pig stye.)

I start my externship seminars 2 weeks before the wedding. The week of I start the externship portion at a doctors office.

I’m finishing up swim classes that I teach 2 weeks before the wedding. While still having “normal” job duties up to 2 days before the wedding.

And to top it all off I need to go through ALL my things and decide what is moving with me to Cali after I’m married. But I’m not moving for a few months so that’s a plus. (I get a little break before I have to pack and move.)
But while on my sort of honey moon my mother is having a garage sale. Giving me the reason I need to go through it ALL so close to the wedding.

But to top it all off I’m a little OCD (Yes just a little) so having nothing be very organized I’m going bonkers trying to find everything.

But I’ve got some great people in my life who volunteered to help me go through it all. (Except my room it’s the only job I have to do alone.) So tonight my mom, aunt, grandma, and I will be taking all things to do with me or the wedding out of our garage and sun room (enclosed patio) and putting in the front yard.
P.S. if you pass upon us I promise we’re not hoarding or crazy. Just cleaning. 🙂

Once everything is out our hope is to sort. And then to put everything back in those rooms. Just this time we hope to give me the patio for all things moving and wedding related. And all the rest is for the garage monster. Then my mom’s problem at the garage sale.
Haha mom’s problem. 🙂

I think what I’m really getting at is I’m OCD nothing is organized yet I have an amazing family to help me tame the OCD.

I don’t tell them thank you nearly as often as I should but I’m so happy to have them. And I am very thankful.

I love you guys!

Talk soon,

Crazy Life

I didn’t realize how little I’ve posted since about the beginning of May. My biggest goal was to post once or twice a week. And so far it’s felt like once or twice a month.

So here I am back into blogging and trying to get back to my goal that I daughter so hard to do in the beginning.

In the last 2 months I’ve become overly stressed and busy. From taking a phlebotomy class to my wedding I’m not sure where my life has been easy or simple.
I guess now that I’m about to start a “real” job and become a wife it won’t slow down much. Right?

Well I’ve finished an amazing class helping me to become a phlebotomist (draw blood) and I’m about to finish an 8 week externship. Yay working for free! (If only we got excited about working for free.) In just 8 weeks I can take my state exam and become a licensed phlebotomist. So if I ever see you I promise to be nice. 🙂

In this time frame I’ve also been doing a lot of swim instructing and lifeguarding. Now these are not dream job but they are something I enjoy. At least teach swim lessons are. Lifeguarding on the other had I don’t love but those moments you keep someone extra safe they do mean a lot. One great thing about being a swim instructor is I lose weight and I’m not working extremely hard. 🙂 Between aerobics classes 3 times a week and swimming back and forth with kids  (sometimes in my arms) 3 times a week a get a great workout. But my favorite thing is watching excitement on a person’s face for accomplishing something new. Children tend to melt my heart a little more but that could just be the fact I’m getting married and will be starting my own family.

Now the best and most stressful time the last 2 months has been MY WEDDING! It’s crazy in just 20 days I’ll become a wife. In just 20 days I’ll have a new name. In 20 days I’ll have less stress. (I hope.)
I’m excited because I only have a little left and then I’m home free! The only problem is money. Isn’t it always? We’re not struggling by any means but it something we need to keep reworking our budget for. It always seems like there is something else we need to do that is more important. You know like rent.
So our biggest stress is always money. And a little stress comes with worry we won’t get everything done in time. Truthfully I stress about everything and Thomas gets to be less worried since he isn’t here helping. Lucky!

Well here I am trying to get back into blogging. I’ll do it!

Talk soon,