35 Week Pregnancy Update 

Just two more weeks till baby!!!!

Baby girl is the size of a pineapple. 18.1 inches and 5.07 ounces!

I had an NST this week at the doctors. She wasn’t very active so they made me do an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed she’s doing well. My doctor thinks she might just be at a point where she doesn’t want to move around to much anymore. Other than that he says she looks great and she’s still head down!

This week I’ve had all the same symptoms. Heartburn, back aches, itchy body. This weeks contractions have started picking up but not very bad. I do find I need to rest after a while. I’m still on light activity so I guess that explains why they’ve picked up again. I’m not really following the light activity rule I was put on. Shhhhh don’t tell my doctor. But like I said it’s pretty much the same old same old. 

I’m still very much into subway, Gatorade, and chips and salsa. Staple in my house!!!! This week I’ve also gotten back into really wanting red meat. So hamburgers or hamburger helper is still a regular occurrence in our house! I’ve also eaten a lot of chocolate chip chewy granola bars. I try to eat one every time I take a bath and every night before bed. Not to meantion every time I feel hungry but can’t decide what to eat. (Okay and some times I eat them when I’m bored). I think it’s how I’ve been able to gain weight. 

I can say if I buy the large 2 gallon sized jugs of Gatorade I find I drink more. I’ve been buying two and they last a week. I also fill my glasses with tons of ice. I also drink other things like water and juice but the Gatorade has been the best way for me to get fluids in. Blue and orange!!!!

Oh! Did I mention I’ve finally gained weight? Like traceable weight gain that my doctor can even track! Well I have! Yay! This week at the doctors I weighed 113.6 pounds. So it’s only a 3 pound weight gain but it’s still a gain. I’ve been so excited. I had been shifting between 109 and 111 but now I shift between 113 and 115. 113 being the most common. 

I only have two weeks till I’m induced and my goal is to weight 116-118 pounds going into my induction! Might be a little high but it puts me closer to the 20-25 pound weight gain my doctor originally wanted. Plus it’ll help baby girl gain some weight. My doctor did say because I’m able to hold a steady weight (he said this when I was holding at 111) it means baby is getting everything she needs. It was me however that was suffering a little because she was taking and leaving me with very little.

Oh this week we also did an ultrasound and got a few pictures!

We got a picture of her lady parts, cute little kissy lips, and hair! Maybe all that hair is what’s causing this heartburn?

This week we also had a maternity photo shoot! (I did post them earlier this week but here are my favorite ones!)

How was your week 35? 

Anything new you experienced?

Did you have a baby with hair? And give you tons of heartburn? (Doctors say they think there is a connection between the two).

Talk soon,



Finally a Mrs.

That’s right I’m a Mrs. I’m married!

How cool is that? Well let me tell you, it’s amazing. However, leading up to the momentous day it became more and more stressful and lots more exciting.

My nerves really never got the best of me and I didn’t rely cry.

But I did gain a great bid family, much more love, and a husband worth many lifetimes.


The day was amazing. Everything worked out so well. We got married at Tibbits Opera House in Coldwater, Michigan our home town. The theme was set in the 40’s and man did it fit me and my style. And it complimented Thomas very well.


And a great reception at The Eagles to follow.

Leading to the wedding a was so stressed what I envisioned wouldn’t come true but it sure did. I also made it through dishes breaking, a maid of honor asking if I really wanted her to be the maid of honor, losing a belt for my dress and lots and lots of sore feet.

I found so many people are in mine and Thomas’ life that really and truly care and that has been a great experience!





I can’t wait for more time so I can wrote a munch longer post and share many more memories of the beautiful night!

Talk soon,

A picture is worth a thousand words

Previously I wrote about my love of photography. So I thought I’d share some with you!


Kenydee on the left Sara on the right
(Sara is my sister)

These two have been best friends for 12 years. It’s been great watching them grow into the young women they are!


My best friend Kristen! This is one of my favorite photos from our shoot yesterday.


My sweet darling sister. It’s amazing that in just a year she’ll be driving on her own. Even when she doesn’t put makeup on, do her hair, or get overly dressed up she still looks fantastically beautiful.


Kristen again.


Here is Kenydee who has been my sisters other half for such a long time. I’m happy to think of her as another sister.

These are my favorite photos and edits from the photo shoots yesterday.

Talk soon,

Photo Love

Photography is my little black dress that is hidden in the closet and only taken out on special occasions. Photography has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I love planning, setting up, taking the photo, tearing down, editing, and the reveal.


The problem is photography isn’t a good career to get into. There are so many photographers and not many make it in the field. That’s why I’ll be a nurse, more desirable for some and less desirable for me. That’s okay right? I mean many people have a passion that they don’t pursue.

Edited 2

They say people who love photography start with scenery. I guess it could be true because out of all photography I fall in love all over again when I look at the world and what God has created. However people can be amazing to work with because everyone is different in their own ways. Working with each person is almost like an artist working with a new canvas.

I encourage everyone to take up a hobby and fall in love. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have something to go to when I’m stressed, lonely, or just want to have some fun. Go out and have fun you never know what might spike an interest. It could even be candle making. 🙂

Talk Soon,


(Marenas photography)