Golden Harvest Review

Golden Harvest is an amazing resturant in Lansing, Michigan. I recommend everyone coming to try this place out once in their life.


I rate Golden Harvest a 10 out of 10. To be rated a 10 by me is very good because I’m usually very hard to please. Great job!

The food and atmosphere here are spectacular. Be prepared to wait a little while. This isn’t a quick resturant like McDonald’s. They are the size of my kitchen and living room and they cook right in front of you.

Also be prepared to laugh and have  conversation not only with the people you come with but also with the staff. No matter how busy (trust me they get busy) the staff makes you feel like family.
When I say busy I mean 50 or more people will wait in the rain, snow, and sun just to eat here. So be sure if you don’t want to wait you’re here by 8:30 am.

Tim “The Coffee Pusher” (employee) stated “Golden Harvest is VERY eclectic.” I’m sure he wouldn’t change it for the world! 🙂

I believe the best part about Golden Harvest being slow is they make their food 10 times better. They put more love in just like grandma used to do. 🙂


Cornbeef hash (their take) hash browns over easy eggs(to perfection) and wheat  toast. Sorry I started eating and put my eggs on another plate before I photographed how beautiful it looked.

Let me know if you eat here! I live around the block so maybe I’ll join you!

Talk soon,

P.S. Cash ONLY!

1625 North Turner Street
Lansing Michigan