School Grind

Well most of us have started classes back up. If you haven’t I’m sure you will soon.

I’m happy and sad the holidays are over. I’m happy because it means I can start saving money again and I’m not constantly be bombarded with mean and ungrateful people. I hate giving a gift and having someone make me feel bad because it isn’t what they wanted. It’s to the point where I just wish almost everyone a Merry Christmas and skip presents. Don’t people realize what the holiday us about?

I guess not. But I’m sad too. I miss the togetherness, the love, and most of all the break from school and work. Sometimes I just need a break.

But I’ve started my classes at this point and I’m counting down to spring break. Just 50 more days. Until then I have 10 quizes, 3 tests, 20 homework assignments, a paper, and to many class sessions to want to count. How about you?

I’ve planned my next few weeks out in great detail. Many of you may remember me saying I was doing awful last semester. Well I can’t afford another failed semester. So I’m taking the extra precautions to do amazing. Would it be an impossible goal to plan for the president’s list? Probably, but I can still dream and work hard for a 4.0 in my 3 classes. I just have to buckle down.

I want to congratulate all you returning students. It’s hard to want to come back sometimes. I also want to wish you luck. I want to encourage you all to be the best you can. I’ve spent 4 semeters struggling to do more than I could. So this semester I just plan to do the best I can and put my best foot forward.

Talk soon,