Week 32 Pregnancy Update 

Baby W is the size of a squash 16.6 inches and 3.75 pounds. She’s getting bigger!

This week is still the same old same old stuff. Sore stomach and back, headaches, and I still have the itchiness. One good thing is my meds really help with the itching!

I’m still a big fan of sandwiches (mainly from subway), salty foods, chips and salsa, and the ever favorite blue Gatorade! When it comes to chips and salsa I’ve noticed the smell of salsa really doesn’t smell good. However the taste is fantastic! So I usually avoid deep breaths when eating salsa. 

I’ve noticed I’ve stopped having new and exciting things happening in my pregnancy. It’s like I’m in a rut and every week is the same. I’m guess that’s normal it’s just so strange how I can go weeks with no change in appetite or even a change in my body shape. 

I am however happy right now my pregnancy is mainly just baby with no extra weight. I met a girl the other day we are the same amount of weeks pregnant and she’s gained 45 pounds. 45! My doc said for me to only gain 25-35 max so 45 seems crazy to me. But she’s still active and she eats well for the most part so go her! 

Talk soon,


Week 31 Pregnancy Update 

I finally figured out what’s wrong with me! I also learned a little more than I wanted. 

Baby W is the size of asparagus. Baby girl is roughly 16.1 inches and 3.31 pounds. Baby has all 5 of her senses now! How cool! And at the doctors appointment this week she had a heart rate of 150!

I keep mentioning how I’m always really itchy. And I recently went to Labor and Delivery because it was so bad. Well it’s official I have ICP (colastasis). Basically the bile your gallbladder let’s out basically isn’t dissolving into the body the way it should. But it need to leave your body in some way so it leaves through your pores causing you to itch a ton. It’s significantly bad on the bottoms of your feet and palms of your hands. I’m miserable itching all the time. But the meds are helping a little along with my lotions. Thank goodness!!!! Let me calm any nerves of people who are worried they will get icp. My doctor said it’s something only 1% of pregnant women get. So don’t stress and worry that you’ll get it because most likely you won’t. 

Just like all the weeks prior I’ve had heartburn, a struggle to breath, and just like normal I’m very tired. 

An added thing I learned this week is I have gestational diabetes. 😦 Both my doctor and I are very surprised because I’m pretty healthy eating conscious. I don’t even excessively over indulge on my cravings. They did say however my fasting numbers are very good and I am only just barely over the threshold of being a gestational diabetic. They have me checking my glucose levels 4 times a day from now till baby girl comes. And for the next two weeks I’m just supposed to watch what I eat and see if it’s my diet causing the high sugar levels. If I can keep my numbers low I won’t need to take meds. But my doc really just thinks it might be the excessive sugar they make you drink for the test. He thinks maybe it’s just to much of a shock to my body especially since I’m small and I don’t eat a lot of candy/sugar. 

I have cravings for salty foods still. Specifically I’m craving McDonald’s fries! (Not a good diet for icp or even gestational diabetes). But I try hard not to over indulge. I have also really wanted chocolate pie lately but have not given into that  craving. 

Alright on to the doctors appointment besides learning gestational diabetes and icp I also learned I will need to deliver early. With icp they recommend delivering babies before 38 weeks. With the addition to gestational diabetes it just adds to the need/wanting to deliver early. But I’m mainly delivering early due to icp. So I will be induced 3 days after I start week 37. I wanted to be induced as soon as possible in that week because my husbands birthday is 2 days after my week 38 weeks. My only request for delivering early was baby girl HAS to come before his birthday. I want our daughter to have her own special day. 
How was your week 32?

Did/do you have gestational diabetes?t 

Should I start packing my hospital bag? Especially since I’m going to get induced in just 5 weeks. 

Talk soon,


Week 30 Pregnancy Update 

30 weeks!!!! I’m so excited!

Baby Girl is the size of a zucchini! (Have I ever mentioned that I feel the foods they compare to are strange)? Alright she is roughly 15.7 inches and 2.89 pounds!

This week I went to labor and delivery to get checked out (I’m over 20 weeks so I’m sent directly to L&D and I go to the military hospital). No worries I wasn’t in labor but I was having some issues. Over the course of the last few months (half way through my 2nd trimester) I started itching all over my whole body. Then in the last week I started itching so bad I would get cuts and bleed. Nothing I did helped relieve the itch so after 4 days of trying I finally went in to get looked at. While there they drew blood to check for icp and a few other things. I’ll get the results during week 31 (and I’ll update). Until then they started me on some meds and gave me a menthol lotion to use along with every other night they recommended an oatmeal bath. I’ve been doing this for about a week and I already notice a difference! A big thanks needs to be given to my husband because he has helped put lotion on my back and legs (it’s hard to hold my legs up for a long time). He’s the best!

Some other things this week or a heavy/sore stomach. She has started doing this week where her back rounds around the front of my belly making it very hard. And just like usual laying on my back isn’t comfortable and she kicks very hard if I lay on my sides. So basically it’s a lose lose situation and I don’t get much sleep. Not to mention adding in Braxton Hicks causing more discomfort. I’ve also given up watching, hearing, or reading anything sweet or sad. I cry at the drop of a pin now. I swear I’m going to need to put myself in a bubble. 

What’s amazing though is when she rolls around and puts her hand on the inside of my belly. I swear it feels like she’s stroking my belly and it just makes my heart melt. Another heart melting moment is when my husband strokes my belly and lays his head on my belly. It’s the sweetest thing. 
This week I found I still want tons of salty foods but I finally want sugary foods too. I’ve never really wanted anything sweet until this last week. I made jello and here soon my husband is taking me to get chocolate pie. As for sweet things those are really the only seeet things I’ve wanted. I’ve also wanted a lot of cereal and red meats. 

How was your week 30?

Anyone have a good place to find chocolate pie in San Diego?

Side note you’ll notice on my picture input week 31 and crossed it off. That’s because I saved it with the wrong week only to realize I was only 30 weeks. I thought I’d keep it to remind me of the funny moments. 
Talk soon,


Week 29 Pregnancy Update 

Baby W is the size of an acorn Squash! She comes in at around 15.2 inches and 2.54 pounds. She growing like a weed!

Just like the previous weeks I’ve had Braxton Hicks. However they have increased in amount and intensity. Not to mention I still have trouble sleeping, backaches, and a sore stomach. I did find that when I wear my belly support leggings I’m in less pain and I sleep better. So I started wearing more belly support. This week I’ve also started having increased pelvic pain. She literally cradles herself in my pelvic are and it’s not comfortable what so ever. It also makes it hard to walk. This week I’ve also noticed an increase in itching. I don’t just mean on my belly. It’s literally my ENTIRE body and I haven’t found anything that has helped relieve the itching. But I have a few more things to try before giving up and seeing my doctor. 

This week I’ve enjoyed a lot of red meat, salad, and pasta. Red meat has mainly been ground beef but I went grocery shopping this week and picked up spare ribs and steak! I can’t wait to eat them! 

Exciting news we signed up for a birthing class, I signed up for a breastfeeding class, and my husband signed up for a 1 day 4 hour new dads class! We’re mostly excited to do the birthing class together and we hope to get a lot out of it. My husband isn’t big on taking classes but he’s excited (for the most part) about the dads class as they are helping dads prepare to take the big step into fatherhood. Most the things they are talking about are things he’s never had to do. I’m just proud of him for signing up for a class. Makes my heart melt! I’m also excited for the breastfeeding class just to understand the basics but I’m not feeling as worried because for the first 4-6 weeks (roughly) my daughter is alive my mom will be here and she will help me a lot with understanding and finding techniques (if I struggle) to help. But mostly she’ll be there to help my husband encourage me and help as much as it’s needed. 

Well how was your 29th week? Anything exciting happen?

Talk soon,


Week 28 Pregnancy Update 

Woot Woot 3rd trimester!

Baby W is the size of an eggplant. 14.8 inches and 2.2 pounds!

I swear I lead with my belly. It’s like overnight my belly started getting in the way. And if I bump it on anything even just a light tap it hurts for hours after. Good thing though is I still don’t have stretch marks. My stomach does however feel heavy. And if I sleep on my side I find it gets sore because she pulls my belly down. I have gained 7 pounds in this pregnancy! My doc told me not to feel overly stressed about gaining weight because she herself is growing just fine. However he did say to keep up trying to eat often and ill find as this trimester progresses I’ll get more and more hungry and I’ll be surprised that I’ll gain weight overnight. 

Ice cream, mashed potatoes, sweet tarts, hamburgers, Gatorade, and OJ are my cravings this week. I feel like I’m back to all the things I wanted a lot of in my first trimester. Difference is I want them more often and in higher quantities. Still no strange combinations of food thank goodness!

Baby had an ultrasound this week showing she weighs 2 pounds and that she is in the 24th percentile. Doc says he thinks she’ll be in the teens percentile for a long time after she is born. He thinks that’ll be totally normal because that’s how I was and still am. Not to mention my husband might be tall but he’s small in build. Plus he said it’s not like she has much room to grow so babies adapt to the environment they are in. He said if I was a little bigger chances are she would be too. 

I had to Tdap shot this week that wasn’t too bad. However I also had my glucose test this week. I didn’t much care for it. 😕 Then again I haven’t been told anyone likes it. It’s so strange because it was like I didn’t have tons of energy or motivation but I felt my heart racing as if I could run a few miles. Makes sense since it’s basically a pure sugar drink. 😂 I was told if there was an issue they’d call back and I guess since I took the test at the beginning of week 28 and haven’t heard anything then all must be well. 

So like I said it’s my first week of the last trimester. I’m feeling mixed emotions. I’m so very excited to meet this little girl but I just don’t feel ready yet. I’ll miss feeling her little movements inside. Plus once she’s physically here life changes and although it changes for the better I’m just nervous. But then the minute after I’m nervous I’m jumping around excited and ready to meet here. So I guess it’s good she still has a while longer on the inside (no need to rush) for me to feel prepared! Then again are you ever truly prepared?

How did you feel entering into your last trimester?

Talk soon,


Week 27 Pregnancy Update 

Happy New Year!

Last week of my second trimester! My goodness time is just flying by. I’m so excited to get into the last trimester it puts me so much closer to meeting this little girl of mine. 

Baby W is the size of lettuce but definitely not as flimsy. Coming in at 14.4 inches and 1.93 pounds. (I just realized I put oz on my photo oh well).

I get hiccups and heartburn all the time. Just like the weeks prior I still find I’m not sleeping well and I’m always tired. I swear I sleep in till 9am, take a nap, and go to bed about 8pm. And honestly I’m not waking up a ton at night. I’m just a restless sleeper. 

This little girl has started using mommies ribs as her very pull up bar. It’s painful but I make due. She loves to stretch diagonally and you’d think that would allow for me room but trust me it doesn’t. When she stretches diagonally I swear it hurt 10 times worse. But it’s cute because it usually signals her waking up. (That’s exactly how I wake after sleeping). This sweet girl also gets lots of hiccups. But who can blame her after sucking in amniotic fluid so often? When she gets them it kind of tickles and it’s cute. Oh I can’t wait to see these cute little things with my own eyes!

I’m still enjoying sweet tarts and salty food. I’m not sure this will ever go away. 😂 Some other cravings are chips (most often cheddar sour cream) and sandwiches. Neither of these are new really but some weeks I find I consume them more than other weeks. 

We had a doctors appointment (ultrasound done at a different appointment). Doc says baby and mommy (mostly mommy since it was mainly for me) are looking great. Doc even says she will most likely make it all the way to 40 weeks (I’m sure I mentioned previously that it was a concern). Momma didn’t have high blood pressure or any other concerning things. Although I am scheduled to do my glucose test later in the week! (Later meaning start of 28th week).

We also traveled back to San Diego this week from a very long and enjoyable month visiting family in Michigan. When we finally made it home we were more than happy. We had a nice long nap!

Talk soon, 


Week 26 Pregnancy Update 

Merry Christmas!

Baby W is the size of a cucumber. 14.0 inches and 1.68 pounds. 

Braxton Hicks are still big and are getting annoying. But that’s okay I’ll live with the annoyance for her. I still have a backaches and trouble sleeping. You know the usual. I’m noticing pregnancy is becoming more prevalent in my daily life. I find I’m constantly stopping mid sentence to remember what I wanted to say. (Or mid type as I write this post). I am also finding I am much more indecisive when is comes to food. Either NOTHING sounds good or Everything sounds good. I used bold letters because it feels extreme sometimes. I still find myself very emotional. To the point that I cry just hearing someone start to whine. Or if someone frustrates me I swear I flip like a light switch. 

Something more I’ve noticed is that it’s harder to breath. I’ve noticed i got short of breath quicker when I’m doing a lot but this is different. This is like a physical feeling of it being bearded to breath. Makes sense since my lungs are compressing. It’s just strange. 

So this girl likes to move. More and more each week I’ve felt it change. Something new this week is I feel like she grabs my ribs and pulls herself up. Let me tell you it’s NOT comfortable. My husband laughs and just says I’m being a whimp. I wish my husband physically felt this for himself. Then again I don’t because it’s something I’ll always share with her. I think it might be a tad selfish I like that I’m the only one experiencing this stuff. Then I remember I’m the only one feeling the pain so it’s not that selfish. 🙂

So I’ve started to get a little nervous I’m not gaining enough weight. Just before thanksgiving I saw my doctor and he told me he wanted me to gain 20 pounds. He told me I needed to gain this by my next appointment. My next appointment is next week and I have gained a whole 5 pounds. I’m literally about to end my 2nd trimester next week with 5 pounds and when I mention this to others they all say they gained WAY more than they needed long before the middle of the second trimester. I’m honestly not sure how to get more in me. I eat till I think I’m going to be sick and I’m eating a TON but it just isn’t enough. Ugh what do I do?

Cravings are the same. Just add cheese. I never thought about the fact I HATE cheese but I’ve eaten tons of it. My mom said it’s a craving because I’m eating since the baby wants it. So I guess cheese is a new craving. 

Something else I’ve found interesting is I have no stretch marks. I’m a little surprised I have none with the amount my belly has stretched. I also notice my belly is always itchy and people have told me that’s your belly stretching. But I’m definitely okay with no stretch marks. 

At 26 weeks how did you feel?

Did you have an issue gaining weight? What did you do to help gain?

Cravings? Anything fun, interesting, or strange?

Talk soon,