Ahhh Time is flying 

I had hoped to write a weekly post about my daughter but it just hasn’t happened. She’s 7 weeks old we’ve moved to Hawaii and so much more has happened. The only thing I can remember right now is how tired I am. I’m determined to get back to writing. 

But all of you thatbhave no kids or have older kids and get sleep please think of me! Please! There is only so much sleep a 7 week old baby allows you to have when she’s a premie and her doctors won’t let her go more than 3 hours of time before eating again. (Most full term babies have started to sleep longer than 3 hours by now).

Talk soon,



Very Excited to Tell You…. 

I had my daughter!!!! 

On March 9 (2 days before her planned induction) I had my daughter. She was born 4 pounds and 5 ounces! That just 2 ounces more than me at birth and half my husband at birth (he was 8 pounds 5 ounces). 

I had pre labor signs about 2 weeks prior (if you remember from my weekly pregnancy updates). Then the Saturday before she came they REALLY picked up. They actually picked up so much I made my husband getvthe car seat ready. I was sure she wouldn’t make it to the following Saturday. (Guess I was right. All I really wanted was my momma to make it here the next day before my daughter came. Thank goodness my mom got here first). Then Wednesday came and by 4pm labor had really started. 

My mom and I went with a friend of mine to the San Diego zoo for 2 hours that morning. I was feeling great. But by lunch I desperately felt the need to nap. So we went home and I got a relaxing nap in! Then we decided to drive to La Jolla and see the seals. By 4pm (as we’re driving) I started to not feel good. My mom stopes twice on the 20 minute drive so I could use the bathroom. We stayed a short time then drove back home. By 7pm I was throwing up and contractions really started to pick up. Every 10 minutes. By 9pm I called my doctor and he told me to make a choice come in right then or wait 2 hours and come in. I’m not one who likes to come in to the office/ER and have it turn out to be nothing. So I stayed home 2 more hours. Then we headed in where they said I was only dismayed to a .5 and I’m sure my mouth dropped because I was sure I had to of  been more dilated. In the end baby girl was in some distress so they went ahead and admit me until shift change where the new team would decide. 

Fast forward 6ish hours. My doctor comes in not only did he let me get food (I had nothing in me since 11am the day before) he also was very sure she’d be out within the next 12-24 hours. He also informed me he wasn’t on call that day or night but he gave me 100% reassurance that both doctors on are amazing and I could trust them to take great care of me. (And thank goodness he was right because it definitely helped me stay calm).

Anyways through the day they let me try to progress naturally all while monitoring baby girl. By 4 pm at shift change they started the induction meds (pitocin) to help me progress. They also did a catheter and man was I miserable for that. Shortly after I also got my epidural (I mandatorily had to get one due to my heart). I was very proud of myself I had very little meds and I only pushed the button for extra 2 times. But we found after the fact it wasn’t working so the doc came in and manually inserted just a little more about 30 minutes before I started to push. It helped take the initial edge off but let me tell you it still was a lot of pain and pressure and I felt it all. But I wouldn’t change that for the world because I wanted to be as close to drug less as possible. 

The doc came in told me it’d be probably 2 hours before she would be ready to be delivered. He no more walked out of the room I had a contraction and just knew she was ready to come out. The nurse didn’t really believe right away. The next contraction came and if I wasn’t sure she was ready before I knew she was this time. The nurse stayed with me (watching my daughters head start to crown) while my mom stuck her head out the door and asked the doc to come back in. He does right away looked at me and said “yup that’s her head let’s get this party going” I laughed they helped me get comfortable and away we went. I pushed for 3 cycles of 3 (push breath push breath push breath break do it again). I didn’t push for anything more than 10 minutes (that includes pushing my daughter and the placenta out).

Unfortunately though my best friend and mother in law did not make it in time to see her be birthed. But for me I was very happy just having my mom and my husband with me. I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted anyone else with me as when I’m in pain or doing something stressful the more people around the more nervous I get. And I love my best friend and mother in law but I knew I wouldn’t be as calm if they were there. However I knew how much they wanted to be a part of this so I was willing to put my concerns aside to allow them this experience. I think in the end God knew what I really needed and he allowed me to have the perfect experience. And it really was perfect because aside from not having MY doctor all my birthing preferences were upheld and I never had to make a decision that didn’t go off the path of what I already pre decided I wanted. (Granted I do need to point out I didn’t write my plan down and I was willing to go with the flow and trust my doctors if needed and trust my husband to make decisions that I would want if I wasn’t able to).

Well I guess that’s all I have to say! I’m sure you wanted a picture long before my story. So here they are! 

Meet our beautiful daughter Kairi Mae!

They had me on oxygen on and off to help Kairi. 

The epidural being placed actually really sucked. They had someone training so it. :S 

You might not be able to tell but this was my face through most my contractions. Until the last hour before she came. 

Here is the very beginning right after they checked and told me I was dilated to a .5. I was contemplating if I was actually in labor. Turns out I was I just didn’t want to dilate. 

Well thanks for joining me through this process! Next up join me for the story of her life! Although bear with me if I’m not as quick to post. (I’m making this post as she’s now 19 days old and I still feel like I’m recovering).

Oh side note I didn’t tear and the doctor told me she was one of the easiest deliveries he’s ever made. Not to mention I was the most calm mom he’s had. I think my chest puffed up like a proud momma lion!

Talk soon,


Pregnancy Week 6

My oh my the fun!

This week by day 2 I had nausea constantly and not in the same way as the weeks prior. This time it felt like I could truly be sick at any moment. I’m tempted to carry around a garbage bad from now on. 

I also found I really shouldn’t eat past full. So I’ve always been the type of person to not leave the last 3 bites on my plate. I might not be full but I don’t want to waste. Plus as I’ve gotten older I just didn’t want the food sitting in my trash since it doesn’t go out every night. This might be ridiculous but it’s just what I do. Anyways the other day I felt full took one more bite and got sick. After that a few times more I had moments of almost getting sick trying to eat another bite after full. 

This week biscuit is the size of a sweet pea! My husband and I went for a second ultrasound and we not only saw the sack but the yoke inside! My doc went in closer where we saw the fetal pole and the heart beat. At this point we were not able to hear anything but you can see the movement. 

Having a doctors appointment and seeing the baby progress the way the baby should has pretty much removed all worry. I mostly wasn’t nervous after my failed pregnancy in February but I still had a few. So after this week I feel like I don’t need to worry. 

My doctor says this is best photo because it shows the baby having a heart beat. 

These two show the baby/fetal pole. 

This shows the sack and inside is the yoke. 

My favorite moment was seeing my husbands smile when he saw the ultrasound in person. 

I have prenatal registration in 2 weeks (there is usually an ultrasound but since I’ve already had two in not sure I’ll get another). Then in a month and a half I get another ultrasound and appointment with my doctor. 

Well that’s all for this week!

Talk soon,


Pregnancy Update Week 5

So honestly I feel like the first trimester everything is going to be the same besides the size of the baby. But I want to keep track mostly for myself so what does it matter if I repeat every week? Okay but there actually has been new things this weeks so it’s not exactly the same. 

Welcome to week 5 of my pregnancy. Friday July 29, 2016 to Thursday April 4, 2017. Baby is the size of an Appleseed, .13 inches. I am measuring as of 5 and 1/2 weeks that I’ll be due April 1st.  I’ve also nicknamed baby and the bump I’ll have biscuit or little biscuit. 

This week I have yet again been pretty tired most days. So nap time is a must. And honestly I don’t trust people who don’t take naps once in a while even when their not pregnant. I mean what are you super human? So yeah this week has consisted of one to two naps a day and usual asleep for the night by 9pm. However that does mean I’m usually awake at 5:30 am when my husband goes to work and I find myself falling back to sleep around 7 until and “acceptable” time (so in my eyes 9am unless I work then 8am). How did you mommas sleep when pregnant? Did you have a routine? Now obviously I know the bigger you get less sleep you’ll get but I’m really just talking the early pregnancy fatigue. 

I’ve been nauseous and have had a loss of appetite this week still. Just like last week is I really want something I’ll eat but mostly nothing sounds good. And with the nausea I haven’t really even wanted to try. Hot foods (besides biscuits and gravy my only craving) are pretty much a no no. There is honestly never any hot foods I really want. Not only do hot foods never really sound good but I feel like it just turns my stomach and makes me more sick (just the thought of it now makes me sick). I have enjoyed lots of fruit. Anything cold or dry works pretty well so I’ve eaten lots of clementines, chicken salad, and cereal. Oh and veggies don’t really excite me to eat right now either. Just not so bad as it makes me sick. At what point will end up with strange cravings? Does everyone get strange cravings or not all the time?

This week on Monday August 1st I went in to have my first prenatal checkup (so early because my last pregnancy was ectopic). I saw my doctor, had my blood drawn, and the most exciting part I had an ultrasound. My doctor said everything looked good. My ultrasound showed the sack but no yoke in my uterus. My doctor said the yoke shows up during week 5 but at different stages for all women and pregnancies. For some it shows as early as day 1 for some as late as day 6. The reason for this is 1. Each woman is different 2. Each pregnancy is different 3. If a woman ovulates later than when she thinks (I track my periods but never my ovulation so I can only go based on the “usual” estimation which is you ovulate a week after your period ends) and 4. You also don’t know a 100% when the sperm actually meets the egg (you just have a guess and/or estimation).

The reason I had my blood drawn was so my doctor could check that my hcg levels went up. Usually in a viable pregnancy they double (or more than double) in a 48 hour window. So I had my blood drawn Monday and again on Wednesday. My doctor called that afternoon saying everything looked great! But silly me I didn’t think to ask what the two numbers were exactly so I’ll need to ask at my next appointment.

My doctor went ahead and made me another ultrasound and prenatal appointment for next Thursday (last day of week 6). He wants to be able to say with complete certainty that he can see a yoke and that there really is a baby growing in there. He also hopes to hear a heartbeat. (Babies heartbeat can usually be heard during the 6th week but again sometimes it can be later more like 7 weeks). This is his way of just checking to make sure all is still going good. 

As of right now the doctor feels everything is looking good he called it “the hope of a baby” and that he has high hopes all is good and all will stay good. For a new momma especially one that lost her baby previously it gave me great encouragement and comfort to know he feels everything will be great! But as a momma of faith I know God has a plan so I’m just trying to stay positive and follow the path God has layed out for me, my family, and this growing baby. 

This week I’ve also had little cramping here and there. It’s more of an uncomfortable pain but nothing big. My doctor says this is the uterus growing along with muscles and ligaments growing and getting ready for a growing belly and baby. He said as long as I’m not doubled over in pain for 30 minutes straight and/or bleeding accompanied all is well. And for me I’ve had no bleeding and it really is just a slight uncomfortable pain that last for a few seconds or minutes here and there. However if I sneeze it hurts especially if I’m also laying on my side (again it’s normal for the same reason).
What did you mommas experience this week?

Talk soon,


Exciting News in Our House!!!!

So a week ago I made my husband and I some amazing gumbo. At least that’s what my husband says. I however do not have fond memories. All I can remember is think the shrimp smelled awful and I wanted to constantly be sick. 

After telling my mom this she ultimately decided I must be pregnant and I should take a pregnancy test. I didn’t think anything of it at first. However, the next morning something made me feel like I should take a test anyway (have you ever had that before?) is it just the seed in my brain blossomed over night? So I went ahead and took a test. Sure enough three minutes later two pink lines showed up. 

I’m Pregnant!!!!!!!! (The line is more faint in the photo).

I took the test just before Thomas left for work. Then I went searching for a lost item (you know the ones where you remind your husband the night before so he doesn’t lose it?) he needed for work. Then it was hugs and kisses and a see ya after work. Just after he walked out the door I remembered the test, so I ran to the bathroom saw the positive test and ran back to the apartment door. To my luck Thomas was just about to turn the corner and be out of sight. 

As we’re standing in the hallway and I’m yelling “I’m pregnant” I hoped it wasn’t loud enough to wake anyone sleeping at it was only 6am. Thank goodness no one came out yelling at us. Thomas was running late (you remember that list item?) so we rushed our love and said good byes again. 

That night we snuggled on the couch reading what week 3 in pregnancy brings us. We found out our little one doesn’t have a measurable size yet. We also looked up all the potential symptoms I’ll endure (and the potential symptoms he’ll have to deal with through me).

We are so excited for our little baby to arrive. There are minor nerves since I had an ectopic pregnancy in February but when I say minor I do mean minor. Between great family support, the support from a few close friends we shared it with, but most of all my ob gyn giving us his support the nerves really are minor. Honestly though once I’m out of my first trimester I’ll be even more less nervous. 

I’m now 4 and half weeks and preparing to go see my doctor later this week. Not only will I go to the doctor to take yet another pregnancy test (is it a military doctors thing to take a verifiable pregnancy test or is that common with all doctors?) I will also get an ultrasound. There won’t be much to see (sometimes by 4 or 5 weeks you can start to see the little sack & yoke the baby is growing in) so I’m hoping I might get to see something. But really all the ultrasound is for is to check my Fallopian tubes. 

My hope is to do weekly updates (but if you’ve ever read anything of mine you’ll see I hope to do weekly posts and I somehow forget. Maybe with a baby I’ll do better with weekly posts?). 

My weeks turn over every Friday. I’d like to post on Fridays about my previous week. So look out Friday and I’ll share what’s been up during week 4. I’ll also share s little about week 3 but I found out 2 days before week 3 was over so their won’t be much. 

Baby W coming March 2017!

Talk soon,