Ah yes Mom life…. The never ending journey of growth!

Technically I became a mother the day I found out I was pregnant with my angel baby. I never expected my first mom life momemt to be mixed with such joy and sadness in such a short time. I knew I was pregnant for 2 weeks before I found out I had lost my baby. I then spent another 2 weeks of technically being pregnant and another month after that where I was no longer pregnant but my body felt like it was. I went from being so excited and ready to being a mom to wanting to crawl under a rock and never come out.

I talked with people and shared my sadness but I never truly told anyone how much pain I was in. Not even my husband. It was a pain that I just couldn’t explain. And honestly it was a pain I felt I deserved. Now don’t get me wrong I knew there was nothing I did wrong and sometimes these things happen. But all I could think was how it was MY body that couldn’t grow this baby and MY body rejected not anyone else’s. Mine! I read a few books and prayed a lot and I finally came to turns with everything. But even 2 years later I still have my moments where I fall back into that sadness and anger at myself.

But then I got pregnant with my daughter Kairi. I had a new mom life moment. One filled with joy and happiness. One that’s also filled with sleepy nights and cold meals. You know because if baby doesn’t sleep then I don’t sleep. Not to mention everyone’s gotta have food before I even get a moment to sit. But I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Then it leads into my new mom life moment! I officially got the all clear to try for another baby! Even with all the crazy in my life I’m excited to go at it again! Baby number 2 here we come!

Talk soon,



Life of a Book Worm

I’m such a book worm.
I’ve read thousands of books and I haven’t turned back.

My wish is that everyone would read as much as I do.

Unfortunately we all don’t have that free time. I don’t even have that free time anymore. I miss my free time.

For Christmas I received a gift I’ve wanted forever yet I’ve used it one time for 20 minutes maybe. I received a reading chair. Not just any reading chair. A papason chair. I’m so happy for it.

Anyways…. My life as a book work is simple. I just read. READ! READ!

As a high school girl I loved romance. But not just any romance. I loved paranormal romance. Werewolves, vampires, witches, all things cheesy high school girls love.

Now as a grown adult I still love romance. Except now I’m probably a cheesy adult. I love western romance, old time romance, mail order bride romances, anything related to those topics.
However I’m not into erotic, 50 shades of grey books. Maybe because I’m only 20 but who knows.

I recently came to the decision that I need to sell/donate my high school library. Trust me it’s a library. I’m just having a hard time letting go. I haven’t read these books in 2 to 3 years. I’m attached. So I decided to reread any books I loved. I’m also keeping some but only certian ones.
You know the ones that can still be adult related.

So the reason I called it Life of a Book Worm is because that’s what I am. As a book worm I read a lot. And I have struggles when it comes to shedding my old book collections.

Good thing for the Nook I got my sophomore year of high school. Any books that are high school related I won’t have to delete. It means I keep most of my library. 🙂

What’s your life like as a book worm?

Talk soon,

Challenge Day 20

Today’s blog challenge is to share the reason behind my blog.

When I first started I actually titled it The Nanny Life. I wanted to write all about my life as a nanny. I stopped writing often because I couldn’t find new and interesting topics. Then I stopped being a nanny all together. It’s why if you look back there is a big gap from the beginning of October to the end of November. (Or something like that.)

I loved writing and I found I had much more to talk about if I didn’t focus on nannying. So I decided to write about my life and life in general. I figured I’d talk about my daily life, working (I did still babysit often), wedding planning, Military Life, and much more. Then I would add on my travels photography and married life. Basically all things life.
Hence Living Life.

I found I also have followers now that I’ve changed my blog title and writing. Instead of 5 post and myself as a follower and then getting stuck. I now how 26 followers (Including myself. Is it weird I follow myself?) and almost 90 posts.

I’m so proud of myself and this blog.

Talk soon,

Roll Call

I’m a fiancĂ© to someone in the military. Navy to be precise.

As I was scrolling through Facebook a saw a post and the first words in all capital letters said ROLL CALL. I follow a few Facebook pages for military support. I think that’s normal for most spouses right?

Anyways back to the post. It said roll call. Then as I read they wanted you to share who you are who your significant is their rank and title where your located how old you two are and how long you’ve been together. To me that felt like a lot of personal stuff to air. I’m not saying charing that he’s and IT and what rank he’s in is bad or breaks opsec. However I feel like that’s their way of know how much my fiancĂ© makes and to see if their significant other is better than mine. And to see if our relationship is better or worse than theirs by seeing if we’ve been together longer than them or not.
Is that just a me thought?

I did admin on a military page and I did host roll calls. However mine consistent of who we are (names) if we have children (including animals) what branch their in and sometimes where they/we are located. I’m sometimes skeptical on if you should share locations. But obviously if your following opsec you should be fine.
Like me saying I’m in Lansing, Michigan and my fiancĂ© is in San Diego, California. That isn’t bad. I’m not sharing the exact living location. I’m also not saying yeah my fiancĂ© is in the middle of this ocean roughly this area. Or that him and his ship or on the way to this place.  So as long as everyone follows opsec and you’re being cautious everything should be fine. The biggest reason I’m skeptical is because their are many people who don’t know opsec safety rules or just disregard them.

I wish I found a roll call where everyone was safe with what they said and it wasn’t to show who’s better than the other.  So I’m going to do my own roll call. I want everyone included even if you’re not in the military.

Who are you
How old are you
Are you with someone
What’s their name
What us your job tittle/what us your goal job (Be proud of who you are!)

I’m 20
My fiancé is Thomas
I’m a student but I hope one day I can be an amazing mother. (Mother is my goal job.)

Talk soon,

*Side rant. I hate when people want to know what rank your s/o is. (I know I said this.) I hate when they then proceed to act as if they are higher than you because their s/o is a higher rank. I mean what did you do to earn that title. Sure you might know more than me if you’ve been with them as they’ve been in the military longer than me or my fiancĂ© but that does not mean you can act as if you are higher than me because your s/o has a higher rank than mine. We are not military. They are. Ranks don’t play a part in our civilian life. However if you’ve been living military life longer than me I will always let you help and teach me so I can grow. That’s out of respect for your knowledge base not your s/o rank.