Maternity Photos 

I just want to thank Victoria from Brose Photography. She’s located in San Diego and a fellow military wife. 

I’m not posting them all but here are a few of my favorites!


Exciting News in Our House!!!!

So a week ago I made my husband and I some amazing gumbo. At least that’s what my husband says. I however do not have fond memories. All I can remember is think the shrimp smelled awful and I wanted to constantly be sick. 

After telling my mom this she ultimately decided I must be pregnant and I should take a pregnancy test. I didn’t think anything of it at first. However, the next morning something made me feel like I should take a test anyway (have you ever had that before?) is it just the seed in my brain blossomed over night? So I went ahead and took a test. Sure enough three minutes later two pink lines showed up. 

I’m Pregnant!!!!!!!! (The line is more faint in the photo).

I took the test just before Thomas left for work. Then I went searching for a lost item (you know the ones where you remind your husband the night before so he doesn’t lose it?) he needed for work. Then it was hugs and kisses and a see ya after work. Just after he walked out the door I remembered the test, so I ran to the bathroom saw the positive test and ran back to the apartment door. To my luck Thomas was just about to turn the corner and be out of sight. 

As we’re standing in the hallway and I’m yelling “I’m pregnant” I hoped it wasn’t loud enough to wake anyone sleeping at it was only 6am. Thank goodness no one came out yelling at us. Thomas was running late (you remember that list item?) so we rushed our love and said good byes again. 

That night we snuggled on the couch reading what week 3 in pregnancy brings us. We found out our little one doesn’t have a measurable size yet. We also looked up all the potential symptoms I’ll endure (and the potential symptoms he’ll have to deal with through me).

We are so excited for our little baby to arrive. There are minor nerves since I had an ectopic pregnancy in February but when I say minor I do mean minor. Between great family support, the support from a few close friends we shared it with, but most of all my ob gyn giving us his support the nerves really are minor. Honestly though once I’m out of my first trimester I’ll be even more less nervous. 

I’m now 4 and half weeks and preparing to go see my doctor later this week. Not only will I go to the doctor to take yet another pregnancy test (is it a military doctors thing to take a verifiable pregnancy test or is that common with all doctors?) I will also get an ultrasound. There won’t be much to see (sometimes by 4 or 5 weeks you can start to see the little sack & yoke the baby is growing in) so I’m hoping I might get to see something. But really all the ultrasound is for is to check my Fallopian tubes. 

My hope is to do weekly updates (but if you’ve ever read anything of mine you’ll see I hope to do weekly posts and I somehow forget. Maybe with a baby I’ll do better with weekly posts?). 

My weeks turn over every Friday. I’d like to post on Fridays about my previous week. So look out Friday and I’ll share what’s been up during week 4. I’ll also share s little about week 3 but I found out 2 days before week 3 was over so their won’t be much. 

Baby W coming March 2017!

Talk soon,