The biggest thing I’ve learned in the last year of being a parent is to relax. And I don’t mean relax as in take a nap or sit down. Although, those are good to do as well.

I know that’s pretty obvious but relaxing has been the hardest thing for me. When my daughter falls I jump up to check on her. When she cries I feel like I have to pick her up. When she calls out after waking up I feel like I need to get her immediately.

But in reality I don’t need to jump immediately. Children need to fall so they can learn to pick themselves up again. Crying is okay. She doesn’t need me to cuddle her every moment of her day. And crying allows her to learn to self sooth. And honestly just because she’s awake doesn’t mean I need to be as well. If she’s safe in her crib then 10-20 minutes as long as she isn’t super upset is good. It gives us both time to wake up and prepare for the day. Most importantly it also means bathroom time can be alone time.

Tab bit of extra advice plays a part in pregnancy…. Try hard to think of the what If goods more than the what If bads. If all you think about is miscarriage, emergency situations, a sick baby, anything that could make labor “bad” will cause so much unneeded stress and that isn’t good for anyone. If you focus on all the great things heading your way the nicer of an experience you will have! Plus who’s to say you can’t have an amazing experience? So why not starting off thinking of the best?

Talk soon,