Very Excited to Tell You…. 

I had my daughter!!!! 

On March 9 (2 days before her planned induction) I had my daughter. She was born 4 pounds and 5 ounces! That just 2 ounces more than me at birth and half my husband at birth (he was 8 pounds 5 ounces). 

I had pre labor signs about 2 weeks prior (if you remember from my weekly pregnancy updates). Then the Saturday before she came they REALLY picked up. They actually picked up so much I made my husband getvthe car seat ready. I was sure she wouldn’t make it to the following Saturday. (Guess I was right. All I really wanted was my momma to make it here the next day before my daughter came. Thank goodness my mom got here first). Then Wednesday came and by 4pm labor had really started. 

My mom and I went with a friend of mine to the San Diego zoo for 2 hours that morning. I was feeling great. But by lunch I desperately felt the need to nap. So we went home and I got a relaxing nap in! Then we decided to drive to La Jolla and see the seals. By 4pm (as we’re driving) I started to not feel good. My mom stopes twice on the 20 minute drive so I could use the bathroom. We stayed a short time then drove back home. By 7pm I was throwing up and contractions really started to pick up. Every 10 minutes. By 9pm I called my doctor and he told me to make a choice come in right then or wait 2 hours and come in. I’m not one who likes to come in to the office/ER and have it turn out to be nothing. So I stayed home 2 more hours. Then we headed in where they said I was only dismayed to a .5 and I’m sure my mouth dropped because I was sure I had to of  been more dilated. In the end baby girl was in some distress so they went ahead and admit me until shift change where the new team would decide. 

Fast forward 6ish hours. My doctor comes in not only did he let me get food (I had nothing in me since 11am the day before) he also was very sure she’d be out within the next 12-24 hours. He also informed me he wasn’t on call that day or night but he gave me 100% reassurance that both doctors on are amazing and I could trust them to take great care of me. (And thank goodness he was right because it definitely helped me stay calm).

Anyways through the day they let me try to progress naturally all while monitoring baby girl. By 4 pm at shift change they started the induction meds (pitocin) to help me progress. They also did a catheter and man was I miserable for that. Shortly after I also got my epidural (I mandatorily had to get one due to my heart). I was very proud of myself I had very little meds and I only pushed the button for extra 2 times. But we found after the fact it wasn’t working so the doc came in and manually inserted just a little more about 30 minutes before I started to push. It helped take the initial edge off but let me tell you it still was a lot of pain and pressure and I felt it all. But I wouldn’t change that for the world because I wanted to be as close to drug less as possible. 

The doc came in told me it’d be probably 2 hours before she would be ready to be delivered. He no more walked out of the room I had a contraction and just knew she was ready to come out. The nurse didn’t really believe right away. The next contraction came and if I wasn’t sure she was ready before I knew she was this time. The nurse stayed with me (watching my daughters head start to crown) while my mom stuck her head out the door and asked the doc to come back in. He does right away looked at me and said “yup that’s her head let’s get this party going” I laughed they helped me get comfortable and away we went. I pushed for 3 cycles of 3 (push breath push breath push breath break do it again). I didn’t push for anything more than 10 minutes (that includes pushing my daughter and the placenta out).

Unfortunately though my best friend and mother in law did not make it in time to see her be birthed. But for me I was very happy just having my mom and my husband with me. I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted anyone else with me as when I’m in pain or doing something stressful the more people around the more nervous I get. And I love my best friend and mother in law but I knew I wouldn’t be as calm if they were there. However I knew how much they wanted to be a part of this so I was willing to put my concerns aside to allow them this experience. I think in the end God knew what I really needed and he allowed me to have the perfect experience. And it really was perfect because aside from not having MY doctor all my birthing preferences were upheld and I never had to make a decision that didn’t go off the path of what I already pre decided I wanted. (Granted I do need to point out I didn’t write my plan down and I was willing to go with the flow and trust my doctors if needed and trust my husband to make decisions that I would want if I wasn’t able to).

Well I guess that’s all I have to say! I’m sure you wanted a picture long before my story. So here they are! 

Meet our beautiful daughter Kairi Mae!

They had me on oxygen on and off to help Kairi. 

The epidural being placed actually really sucked. They had someone training so it. :S 

You might not be able to tell but this was my face through most my contractions. Until the last hour before she came. 

Here is the very beginning right after they checked and told me I was dilated to a .5. I was contemplating if I was actually in labor. Turns out I was I just didn’t want to dilate. 

Well thanks for joining me through this process! Next up join me for the story of her life! Although bear with me if I’m not as quick to post. (I’m making this post as she’s now 19 days old and I still feel like I’m recovering).

Oh side note I didn’t tear and the doctor told me she was one of the easiest deliveries he’s ever made. Not to mention I was the most calm mom he’s had. I think my chest puffed up like a proud momma lion!

Talk soon,



Week 36 Pregnancy Update 

Hey everyone sorry I’m late posting this. But it’s all for good reason. My baby girl decided to make her arrival!!!!

Wow 36 weeks already! Baby girl should roughly be 18.7 inches and 5 pounds 6 ounces. 
This week I’ve started to have tons of cramping and discomfort in my back. It’s actually hard to move without complaining. If it weren’t for the fact I know I should get up and move around I’d stay in bed watching tv. :/ This week I’ve craved tons of food but by the time it’s made I throw up or just simply no longer want food. Same goes for drinking water or any fluid. It’s hard to keep anything down. 

Yay my mom arrived! I’m so excited she is here and we can finish preparing for baby girl! While she is here we purchased a few last minute items like snacks for labor and baby essentials for a bath. (A cute runner ducky that tells the temp of the water. A must have in my opinion). While my mom is here we also went to the San Diego Zoo with a friend of mine and her kids! I never thought I’d enjoy being in the fresh (zoo) air! I felt so relaxed and I truly enjoyed my time. (Maybe it was the company I was with or the fact my body knew baby girl was on her way out. Or maybe both).

That’s right baby girl was on her way! That’s why my 36 week update is roughly 3 weeks late! I had my daughter the last day of 36 weeks. Pre labor as we found out probably started Saturday (based on my symptoms) but true labor started Wednesday evening and by Thursday night I had my sweet baby girl! She didn’t want to wait till my planned induction Saturday. 😂

I’ll share the events leading up to and the during and after of her birth in another post when I “officially” announce her! But that might be another day or so. She about 3 weeks old and I’m still finding only small amounts of time to do something that isn’t eat, sleep, take care of her , or heck take care of my husband. 😂 Granted I have my mom here till baby girl is 2 months old and she’s taking care of a lot of things to help me out. But like I said there is still a lot I’m doing!

Talk soon,


P.s. Here’s a sneak of our little family!

35 Week Pregnancy Update 

Just two more weeks till baby!!!!

Baby girl is the size of a pineapple. 18.1 inches and 5.07 ounces!

I had an NST this week at the doctors. She wasn’t very active so they made me do an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed she’s doing well. My doctor thinks she might just be at a point where she doesn’t want to move around to much anymore. Other than that he says she looks great and she’s still head down!

This week I’ve had all the same symptoms. Heartburn, back aches, itchy body. This weeks contractions have started picking up but not very bad. I do find I need to rest after a while. I’m still on light activity so I guess that explains why they’ve picked up again. I’m not really following the light activity rule I was put on. Shhhhh don’t tell my doctor. But like I said it’s pretty much the same old same old. 

I’m still very much into subway, Gatorade, and chips and salsa. Staple in my house!!!! This week I’ve also gotten back into really wanting red meat. So hamburgers or hamburger helper is still a regular occurrence in our house! I’ve also eaten a lot of chocolate chip chewy granola bars. I try to eat one every time I take a bath and every night before bed. Not to meantion every time I feel hungry but can’t decide what to eat. (Okay and some times I eat them when I’m bored). I think it’s how I’ve been able to gain weight. 

I can say if I buy the large 2 gallon sized jugs of Gatorade I find I drink more. I’ve been buying two and they last a week. I also fill my glasses with tons of ice. I also drink other things like water and juice but the Gatorade has been the best way for me to get fluids in. Blue and orange!!!!

Oh! Did I mention I’ve finally gained weight? Like traceable weight gain that my doctor can even track! Well I have! Yay! This week at the doctors I weighed 113.6 pounds. So it’s only a 3 pound weight gain but it’s still a gain. I’ve been so excited. I had been shifting between 109 and 111 but now I shift between 113 and 115. 113 being the most common. 

I only have two weeks till I’m induced and my goal is to weight 116-118 pounds going into my induction! Might be a little high but it puts me closer to the 20-25 pound weight gain my doctor originally wanted. Plus it’ll help baby girl gain some weight. My doctor did say because I’m able to hold a steady weight (he said this when I was holding at 111) it means baby is getting everything she needs. It was me however that was suffering a little because she was taking and leaving me with very little.

Oh this week we also did an ultrasound and got a few pictures!

We got a picture of her lady parts, cute little kissy lips, and hair! Maybe all that hair is what’s causing this heartburn?

This week we also had a maternity photo shoot! (I did post them earlier this week but here are my favorite ones!)

How was your week 35? 

Anything new you experienced?

Did you have a baby with hair? And give you tons of heartburn? (Doctors say they think there is a connection between the two).

Talk soon,


Week 34 Pregnancy Update 

Baby W is the size of a butternut squash! 17.7 inches and 4.63 pounds. 

Now these are just roughly the size she should be I just wish I knew her actually size. Or at least a better rough guess on what size she is. 

Subway subs! Like I said it’s just easier than making it myself. Pizza is still very high on my list of favorites! And I can’t forget Olive Garden food and Gatorade!!!!

I still have all the normal aches and pains as the previous weeks. Not to mention the pressure on bladder has increased. Have I mentioned it takes 10 minutes to go to the bathroom completely because I get up about 4 times and walk back before I’m actually done?

This week I had 2 NST (non stress tests). Okay so technically one was meant to be for week 33 but the way scheduling played out they both were during my week 34. Anyways my first NST showed baby did in fact turn head down! Yay! It also showed I had 3 contractions in 20 minutes. This caused the docs to have some concern for preterm labor and they put me on light activity. So basically I’m not on bed rest but I need to spend time resting and just pay attention to the amount of time I’m up on my feet. 

The following afternoon I though I lost my mucus plug and I was having 6 contractions an hour. So I called the doc and she sent me to labor and delivery to get checked out. As it turned out I did not lose my mucus plug! Thank goodness! But I did have 7 contractions in just over 30 minutes. I was checked and tested and we came to the conclusion I had a slight infection but I was mostly just dehydrated. They had me suck down 20 oz of water and the contractions lessened and I was sent home. 

Later in the week I went to Chuck E. Cheese with a friend and her kids. Turned out to be a bad idea because by the end of the night and into the next day I had a stomach bug. It was for only 24 hours and it was 24 hours more than I wanted. I am thankful that I never had a fever. My friends boys had 104 fevers. 

And then comes the last NST to end out my week. Baby girl is still head down and she’s looking great! I also only had 1 contraction in 20 minutes. I’m still on light activity. 

I’m so excited for week 35! Maternity pics! Yay!

Talk soon,


Week 33 Pregnancy Update 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Baby W is the size of celery (have I mentioned the weirdness is referring to food as an example in size?) coming in at 17.2 inches and 4.19 pounds. 

*Ah I swear it doesn’t matter how many times I look over a photo before finalizing it I still mess up wording somewhere. 

The other day I went on our labor tour and while there I slipped and turned to grab my husband. You know because you’re already embarrassed as you slip in front of other people so you don’t want to add to the embarrassment by going all the way to the floor. (Plus I’m not sure they find it all that “safe” to fall on the floor when pregnant). Anyways unfortunately it activated some sciatica pain. Very frustrating because it really hurts and it’s just one more pain element to add that I wasn’t experiencing before. (Wasn’t I just complaining my weeks felt like they were identical? Guess I should not have complained). Unfortunately the only thing to do with sciatica pain is to avaoid things that make it flair and to take Tylenol. And just like before I still have some heartburn and my stomach is sore!

Food cravings!! Subway (I think I just like their sandwiches because I don’t have to take the time to make them myself). Chips & salsa, juice, and chicken pot pie! Have I mentioned before cheese is still a constant. I hated cheese before getting pregnant but since getting pregnant I can eat cheese on ANYTHING!

This week I had a prenatal appointment! I was told I can keep my gestational diabetes in very good control so I will not be needed to take meds to help control it. Yay! They also said I can lessen the finger pokes but I should do it anytime I feel off. It’ll help tell if I’ve eaten to much sugar and need to counteract or if I am very low in sugar. My weight at this appointment is 110.5 and I’m still looking good. Doc said because I’m able to maintain my weight it allows baby girl to get all that she needs and to keep me healthy. Although she did remind me more calories in my day will help keep my energy up. So I’ve started to try eating more as much as I can. I purchased ensure (a meal supplement drink to add more calories per docs request. They are nasty by the way) and I’ve found I do have more energy. However I prefer to add it to a smoothie as my thickener to help mask the yucky taste. 

This week I thought I felt baby flip but not really drop. I spent the day very uncomfortable when I stood and it was very strange feeling. (On Friday (the start of the new week) at my NST I did in fact find she had flipped). 

All in all this week was okay. Although I did learn my lesson not to complain about having it so constant. Turns out constant is good. 

Talk soon,


Week 32 Pregnancy Update 

Baby W is the size of a squash 16.6 inches and 3.75 pounds. She’s getting bigger!

This week is still the same old same old stuff. Sore stomach and back, headaches, and I still have the itchiness. One good thing is my meds really help with the itching!

I’m still a big fan of sandwiches (mainly from subway), salty foods, chips and salsa, and the ever favorite blue Gatorade! When it comes to chips and salsa I’ve noticed the smell of salsa really doesn’t smell good. However the taste is fantastic! So I usually avoid deep breaths when eating salsa. 

I’ve noticed I’ve stopped having new and exciting things happening in my pregnancy. It’s like I’m in a rut and every week is the same. I’m guess that’s normal it’s just so strange how I can go weeks with no change in appetite or even a change in my body shape. 

I am however happy right now my pregnancy is mainly just baby with no extra weight. I met a girl the other day we are the same amount of weeks pregnant and she’s gained 45 pounds. 45! My doc said for me to only gain 25-35 max so 45 seems crazy to me. But she’s still active and she eats well for the most part so go her! 

Talk soon,


Week 31 Pregnancy Update 

I finally figured out what’s wrong with me! I also learned a little more than I wanted. 

Baby W is the size of asparagus. Baby girl is roughly 16.1 inches and 3.31 pounds. Baby has all 5 of her senses now! How cool! And at the doctors appointment this week she had a heart rate of 150!

I keep mentioning how I’m always really itchy. And I recently went to Labor and Delivery because it was so bad. Well it’s official I have ICP (colastasis). Basically the bile your gallbladder let’s out basically isn’t dissolving into the body the way it should. But it need to leave your body in some way so it leaves through your pores causing you to itch a ton. It’s significantly bad on the bottoms of your feet and palms of your hands. I’m miserable itching all the time. But the meds are helping a little along with my lotions. Thank goodness!!!! Let me calm any nerves of people who are worried they will get icp. My doctor said it’s something only 1% of pregnant women get. So don’t stress and worry that you’ll get it because most likely you won’t. 

Just like all the weeks prior I’ve had heartburn, a struggle to breath, and just like normal I’m very tired. 

An added thing I learned this week is I have gestational diabetes. 😦 Both my doctor and I are very surprised because I’m pretty healthy eating conscious. I don’t even excessively over indulge on my cravings. They did say however my fasting numbers are very good and I am only just barely over the threshold of being a gestational diabetic. They have me checking my glucose levels 4 times a day from now till baby girl comes. And for the next two weeks I’m just supposed to watch what I eat and see if it’s my diet causing the high sugar levels. If I can keep my numbers low I won’t need to take meds. But my doc really just thinks it might be the excessive sugar they make you drink for the test. He thinks maybe it’s just to much of a shock to my body especially since I’m small and I don’t eat a lot of candy/sugar. 

I have cravings for salty foods still. Specifically I’m craving McDonald’s fries! (Not a good diet for icp or even gestational diabetes). But I try hard not to over indulge. I have also really wanted chocolate pie lately but have not given into that  craving. 

Alright on to the doctors appointment besides learning gestational diabetes and icp I also learned I will need to deliver early. With icp they recommend delivering babies before 38 weeks. With the addition to gestational diabetes it just adds to the need/wanting to deliver early. But I’m mainly delivering early due to icp. So I will be induced 3 days after I start week 37. I wanted to be induced as soon as possible in that week because my husbands birthday is 2 days after my week 38 weeks. My only request for delivering early was baby girl HAS to come before his birthday. I want our daughter to have her own special day. 
How was your week 32?

Did/do you have gestational diabetes?t 

Should I start packing my hospital bag? Especially since I’m going to get induced in just 5 weeks. 

Talk soon,