Week 34 Pregnancy Update 

Baby W is the size of a butternut squash! 17.7 inches and 4.63 pounds. 

Now these are just roughly the size she should be I just wish I knew her actually size. Or at least a better rough guess on what size she is. 

Subway subs! Like I said it’s just easier than making it myself. Pizza is still very high on my list of favorites! And I can’t forget Olive Garden food and Gatorade!!!!

I still have all the normal aches and pains as the previous weeks. Not to mention the pressure on bladder has increased. Have I mentioned it takes 10 minutes to go to the bathroom completely because I get up about 4 times and walk back before I’m actually done?

This week I had 2 NST (non stress tests). Okay so technically one was meant to be for week 33 but the way scheduling played out they both were during my week 34. Anyways my first NST showed baby did in fact turn head down! Yay! It also showed I had 3 contractions in 20 minutes. This caused the docs to have some concern for preterm labor and they put me on light activity. So basically I’m not on bed rest but I need to spend time resting and just pay attention to the amount of time I’m up on my feet. 

The following afternoon I though I lost my mucus plug and I was having 6 contractions an hour. So I called the doc and she sent me to labor and delivery to get checked out. As it turned out I did not lose my mucus plug! Thank goodness! But I did have 7 contractions in just over 30 minutes. I was checked and tested and we came to the conclusion I had a slight infection but I was mostly just dehydrated. They had me suck down 20 oz of water and the contractions lessened and I was sent home. 

Later in the week I went to Chuck E. Cheese with a friend and her kids. Turned out to be a bad idea because by the end of the night and into the next day I had a stomach bug. It was for only 24 hours and it was 24 hours more than I wanted. I am thankful that I never had a fever. My friends boys had 104 fevers. 

And then comes the last NST to end out my week. Baby girl is still head down and she’s looking great! I also only had 1 contraction in 20 minutes. I’m still on light activity. 

I’m so excited for week 35! Maternity pics! Yay!

Talk soon,