10 Day Self-Love Day 1

Day 1: 5 things I love about myself.

1. I love the color of my eyes. No matter how terrible a day has been I can look in a mirror and fee like I’m drowning in the color of my eyes. Sounds a little strange but honestly something about the color makes me feel at peace.

2. I love being a wife and a mother. Nothing prepared me for the joys I’d have as a wife and a mother. Every morning I’m so happy to hear my husband tell he loves me as he heads off to work. And my heart turns to mush the second my daughter wakes up and yells Mama with her soft little voice. I think I kick butt at being a wife and a mom but honestly I don’t always give myself the credit and ove I deserve as one.

3. I love my ability to make friends. As a child and teenager I struggled to make true friends. But over the last few years I’ve made some of the best friends possible and I love that about myself.

4. I love my hands. I was born with 4 finger on each hand some webbing on one hand. Over the years especially as an adult my hands have been the thing I love the most about myself but it’s also the thing I’ve hated most. I hate being looked at funny or treated poorly. If like to let go of hate because my hands have been one of the biggest factors in who I am today. Plus once again I realized if I hate something as simple as that about myself then I can’t teach my daughter to love every physical feature she has.

5. I love the amount of love for others I feel. No matter if I just met you, met you years ago, you’ve done me wrong, or you haven’t I love you with all my heart. Something in my just says I have to love you. It’s as easy as, 123 as simple as, do re mi. Seriously the easy love I feel for others reminds me of the Jackson 5 song.

Let me be honest this was easy but also hard. It’s like I coudnt easily come up with things I love about myself but then when I did come up with one I would think to myself, “that was easy why did I complicate it”.

What are 5 things you love about yourself?

Talk soon,



10 Day Self-Love Challenge

10 days of learning to love myself more. First let me admit something…. This challenge makes me so nervous. I tell myself and everyone around me that I love myself and I think highly of myself. But let’s be honest here, I put myself down more often than my infant daughter changes her mind about the toy she wants to play with. (Trust me that’s a lot).

So my goal in the next 10 days is to truly dig deep and learn to love myself better! I encourage you to do the same! Because let’s face it if we can’t love ourselves how can we expect others to love us properly. And what really hits home is if I can’t love myself how can I possibly teach my daughter to love herself.

Talk soon,


Favorite Fall Tradition/Activity 

I feel like everyone talks about their favorite traditions and what not as being all about Halloween and pumpkin carving. Or any other common tradition that I feel most everyone does anyways. 

Me, I love traditions that are not always common. 

My favorite tradition is spending time looking at the changes in the leaves. Even more I love laying in the yard looking at the trees feeling the fall breeze. Sometimes I feel like if I sit out in the yard long enough I can watch the colors change right before my eyes. 

A tradition my family does specifically is one final lazy boat ride. In my hometown we have this river chain that leads through a beautiful area of trees. Not to mention the beautiful colors. At the end of the river there was this beautiful (ar at least I think it was beautiful) old log mill that was recently used for electricity. I loved the old water wheel outside that mill that ran it. However in the recent years it’s burned down but it’s still beautiful. The sight has always been one to stick to my memory and never leave. 

Now those are my potentially uncommon traditions but don’t let that fool you. I still love all the common traditions. I love decorating the house and drinking apple cider. I also love passing out candy and as I child I loved finding the perfect costume. And obviously getting all the candy I could!

This year I live in an apartment but I don’t plan to let that stop me from decorating. I found a cute picture of dressing your door as a mummy and I’m excited to try it out. I’m also looking forward to finding a cute pregnancy costume. Then in the future cute childrens costumes and family costumes. 

What are your favorite fall traditions?

Talk soon,


#LoveMe A Note to my Past

A Note to my Past.

Dear Past Me,

I want you to know you are amazing even in those moments you thought you sucked. You don’t do well in school because you didn’t try enough. You can succeed if you had tried harder.

In your life you get made fun of and treated different for your hands. People worry about you more. Don’t worry it’s okay. You show them you can do anything you put your mind to.

I just hope that as you grow you keep thinking you are amazing. I worry that now and I know you worried about it in the past. My hope that as time goes you stop worrying and start knowing more.


Talk soon,


#LoveMe Challenge

A person who loves you.

Many people love me. I can’t just pick one. My mom, dad, sister, my husband, and so many more family members love me.

Truth be told I think they all help me love myself. Wouldn’t you think? Shouldn’t your whole family and friends help you learn to love yourself?

I think I am able to love myself and others more because I have such a loving family.

But it makes me think how do people who don’t have what I have love themselves so much? Not everyone has what I have and some do better than me and some do worse. Then you have the ones who have exactly what I have and they do worse. It doesn’t make sense to me.

This post stumps me because I’m not sure how to write it. :/

I’m sorry my first time back in a while sucks. 😦

Talk soon,


#LoveMe Challenge 

A word to describe myself. 

Hmmmm. That’s tough. There are so many to chose from. 

There are the obvious like daughter, sister, and wife. The easy ones like fun, understanding, and loving. Then the ones you wish you weren’t, like annoying, crazy, or even ugly by some. 

So if there are so many things to chose from to describe yourself how do you decide? It’s almost an impossible task. 

But after really thinking and excepting defeat I called my mom. And of course my mom talked through all the things about me. And with her help I finally decided on the perfect word to describe me. 

Thank God for Moms!
So the word I’d use for myself would be resilient.  

I’ve had many things in my life that I’ve struggled through but no matter what I still bounce back. I’ve lived my life with hand deformities. And you can’t forget being made fun of. I’ve lost and gained many friends. Lost and gained loved ones. Many many failed tasks along the years. I’ve grown so much from being about to bounce back from any and all problems. 

I’m not sure many can say they can overcome hard times and bullying that last almost 18 years straight. But the ones who can are the best. We are resilient. We are amazing. 

We are all amazing. 

Talk soon,


#LoveMe Challenge

A photo of myself!

Today I should post a photo of myself. But just because I share a photo doesn’t mean I’ll love myself more. Not even if I post my absolute favorite. Or the one I feel and look most attractive in.

So how do I let myself love myself more?

Well I guess lets start with finding my absolute favorite photo.

A day I felt absolutely beautiful was on my wedding day. However I’d never want to feel like that is my only day I was ever gorgeous. I want to think of every normal day as if I’m beautiful .

I want to love myself every day. Even on the ugly days and the bad days.

So I guess if I had to find a photo I’d have to pick this one….


I think this is my favorite photo. I used minimal make-up and just threw my hair up. I had a fun day and enjoyed my smile.

Looking back to this day I remember enjoying my time with my mom, sister, best friend and her mom (who is like a second mom). We went shopping, had lunch and dinner. Found things for my wedding and just hung out as friends and didn’t have a worry in the world. Those are my favorite days.

Those should always be the ones I love my most. I get to spend time having fun along with people I love. The ones who show me love.

I think this is a photo that will always remind me to love myself.

Talk soon,