Wedding Gift Tips!

So last year I got married and received many gifts from my registry and many that were not. So I thought I’d give some suggestions on what to buy for someone. (And what not to give someone).

First here are 4 tips to follow when deciding on what to buy. 

1. If the couple has a registry find something directly from it that is in your price range. 

2. If there isn’t something on the registry that you feel you’d like to buy or nothing is in your price range get a visa gift card or gift card to where they are registered at. 

3. Don’t try to find a gift that doesn’t match what their asking for. For example don’t buy a dish set from a totally different store especially if it’s not the one they are wanting. 

4. Personal special gifts from the heart are always amazing. 

5. If giving a gift card PLEASE make sure you actually put money on it. I got 3 that said there was $25 on it but actually had nothing. And I got one that said there was $100 on it but actually only had $1.48. 
Here are great gift ideas to think about!

1. Quilts (I usually say these a great if you make them personally. My grandma figure from church made us one and so did an aunt of min).  

2. Dishes and/or glasses (Everyone needs these and not often do people start off with having them. I know I didn’t).

3. Monogrammed bath towels (Not all people think about this but it is a fun and great gift to get). In fact towels in general are a great gift ideas. (My husband came with 1 towel that he uses on the ship and I had 4 random towels).

4. My favorite was honestly gift cards. The best was one to Walmart for $50. It covered our first week of simple groceries in our new home. It helped because we found that week we were busy with unpacking that we needed easy meals. Even more it helped when we realized we had no dishes to cook in yet or dishes to eat off. Plus who doesn’t want extra help on groceries once in a while?

*These last two are more expensive and based on affordability. For those who like to give more expensive gifts or those who like to help people get the “harder” gifts. 

5. Electronics like blue ray players, video cameras, go pros, cameras, or even a tv. Some are more expensive than others. I totally get also not paying for an entire camera. A suggestion would be to give the couple however much money you want and telling them you’d like to HELP them buy a camera to capture memories for the rest of their lives. Or a tv so they have something to do on a rainy day. 

6. Kitchen appliances like a toaster, blender, microwave, rice machine, etc. those are always nice some are more needed than others but all are nice and handy. 

I hope these ideas helped. These were all my favorite things to receive and it’s nice that they come In a variety of price ranges. My biggest reminder is try to stick with their registry because then you know you’re definitely getting something the person actually wants or needs. 

What were the best and worst gifts you received? What do you like to give at weddings? Do you have a go to item?

Talk soon,



Anniversary Gifts Through the Years!

*Tip to my husband on anniversary gift ideas. Or to any of you needing help!

So have you ever been told by someone older “Oh it’s your first anniversary? That’s the year of a paper gift.” Well I have and I am not even at my first wedding anniversary. I decided it’d be fun to look anniversary gift themes through out the years of someones marriage. I then realized I had no idea what I would get my husband or even what I’d want him to get me that would follow along with the gift list.  Now obviously this is a traditional gift list probably made before we had new modern things like DVD’s, video games, and expensive jewelry. So for paper they probably gave just that paper to write on, and for tin maybe they forged a nice cup to drink out of. As years when by the gifts became more extravagant.

So today I will make a list of gift themes from 1st anniversary to 10th anniversary. To help out all you men and women struggling for ideas I also thought I’d give an example of what to buy. My hope is also to make the gifts 50$ or less because in my opinion a gift shouldn’t need to be expensive for it to be meaningful. I think that’s why these gift themes are so basic because they didn’t need to be expensive.

1st Anniversary Paper


Male & Female: Book

*This can be christian, fantasy, non-fiction whatever you think he/she would love the most. Maybe go into it together and get a book to read together.


2nd Anniversary Cotton

Male: Find them a nice comfy shirt. Or Dress Shirt.

Female: Fuzzy Socks. (I know maybe this isn’t cotton but in my opinion it’s pretty close.)

3rd Anniversary Leather

Male & Female: Hey maybe get a little kinky? 😉

*Obviously think about what your spouse would want. If they don’t like kink do a new wallet.


4th Anniversary Linen or Silk

Male: Comfy PJ’s

Female: Silky lingerie

5th Anniversary Wood

Male & Female: Carve your own little wooden trinket that represents your love.

*Not crafty you can always find little wooden trinkets carved in native american shops (my favorite place) and crafty stores.


6th Anniversary Iron

*This was a very hard idea for me to come up with a gift suggestion. I talked with my husband and he also had no clue what to get. So I did what anyone of our time would do, I went online.

Male: Iron grilling utensils or iron tools for the handyman in your husband.

Female: Cast iron skillet or iron candlestick holders.

*After talking with my husband I’d rather go somewhere like Iron Ore Bay in Michigan or Iron Mountain in California.

7th Anniversary Wool or Copper

Male & Female: Wool socks

Male: Copper mug (this also works well for women)

Female: Picture frame of 7 pennies formed into a 7. (Think of what your women would want. This is cheese sure but it’s totally something that would make me melt with happiness.)

8th Anniversary Bronze 

Male: Bronze specialty pen or Watch

*May be more than 50$

Female: Bronze ring/Necklace or Bronze Him&Her statue

9th Anniversary Pottery


Male & Female: Go to a pottery making class where you get to spend a few hours making your own piece of work.

*This way you make what you’d want for yourself.

10th Anniversary Tin or Aluminum 

Male: Pocket Knife

Female:Wind Chimes


Now these are just ideas.

This is also just a traditional themed list. I saw while doing research there is also a modern list. If you go with the modern list it may be easier. I’m a traditional kind of person so I like the old kind of list.


Do any of you have ideas?


Talk soon,


P.S Anyone who knows my husband and I they’d know that the macaroni photo fits perfect with us!


*Photos are not mine
































Finally a Mrs.

That’s right I’m a Mrs. I’m married!

How cool is that? Well let me tell you, it’s amazing. However, leading up to the momentous day it became more and more stressful and lots more exciting.

My nerves really never got the best of me and I didn’t rely cry.

But I did gain a great bid family, much more love, and a husband worth many lifetimes.


The day was amazing. Everything worked out so well. We got married at Tibbits Opera House in Coldwater, Michigan our home town. The theme was set in the 40’s and man did it fit me and my style. And it complimented Thomas very well.


And a great reception at The Eagles to follow.

Leading to the wedding a was so stressed what I envisioned wouldn’t come true but it sure did. I also made it through dishes breaking, a maid of honor asking if I really wanted her to be the maid of honor, losing a belt for my dress and lots and lots of sore feet.

I found so many people are in mine and Thomas’ life that really and truly care and that has been a great experience!





I can’t wait for more time so I can wrote a munch longer post and share many more memories of the beautiful night!

Talk soon,

Ahhh There it goes again!

I totally got busy and skipped blogging again. :/
Well at least my busy life and stress gets to go down now. I’m officially married! And we’re about to go on a mini honeymoon to do military dependant papers on Thomas’ base.

So I’m hoping to start up blogging again. Especially with my challenge I was supposed to start a few weeks ago. 🙂

Talk soon,

Name Change

In just 12 days I will no longer be Marena Hickey. No I will be Marena Wenzlick.

Truthfully I’ll always be Marena Hickey.
I was born Marena Hickey and it’s who my parents always raised me to be.
They also raised me to be a forever changing female.

I was once Marena the baby.
Marena the child.
Marena the teenager.
Marena the young woman.

Soon I’ll be Marena the wife.
Marena the mother.

I have been and will be so many more different types of Marena. Just because my last name changes doesn’t mean I’ll automatically be an exact opposite person than who I was raised to be.

I’ll still be loving, happy, influential, and many more things I haven’t exactly learned to be yet.

These are moments that I look forward to. I’m an adult but I’m so excited to see what other things my parents will teach me. I’m also excited to learn things my husband will teach me. I’m excited to be the teacher as well.

There are so many things that come with a new name. But one thing that always stays the same is who I am.

I am Marena!

Talk soon,

To Much at One Time

Wedding organization.
Moving organization.
Garage Sale?

Ahhhh. So much going on all in a few week time frame!

Let’s switch gears where I tell you I’m OCD. I basically have quickly moved home about a month ago with no organization.

I have a room full of semi organized wedding stuff with 2 weeks till the wedding.

I have a bedroom that looks like a tornado came through. Oh and it only has “essential” items in it. (Essential my butt. It’s a pig stye.)

I start my externship seminars 2 weeks before the wedding. The week of I start the externship portion at a doctors office.

I’m finishing up swim classes that I teach 2 weeks before the wedding. While still having “normal” job duties up to 2 days before the wedding.

And to top it all off I need to go through ALL my things and decide what is moving with me to Cali after I’m married. But I’m not moving for a few months so that’s a plus. (I get a little break before I have to pack and move.)
But while on my sort of honey moon my mother is having a garage sale. Giving me the reason I need to go through it ALL so close to the wedding.

But to top it all off I’m a little OCD (Yes just a little) so having nothing be very organized I’m going bonkers trying to find everything.

But I’ve got some great people in my life who volunteered to help me go through it all. (Except my room it’s the only job I have to do alone.) So tonight my mom, aunt, grandma, and I will be taking all things to do with me or the wedding out of our garage and sun room (enclosed patio) and putting in the front yard.
P.S. if you pass upon us I promise we’re not hoarding or crazy. Just cleaning. 🙂

Once everything is out our hope is to sort. And then to put everything back in those rooms. Just this time we hope to give me the patio for all things moving and wedding related. And all the rest is for the garage monster. Then my mom’s problem at the garage sale.
Haha mom’s problem. 🙂

I think what I’m really getting at is I’m OCD nothing is organized yet I have an amazing family to help me tame the OCD.

I don’t tell them thank you nearly as often as I should but I’m so happy to have them. And I am very thankful.

I love you guys!

Talk soon,

Crazy Life

I didn’t realize how little I’ve posted since about the beginning of May. My biggest goal was to post once or twice a week. And so far it’s felt like once or twice a month.

So here I am back into blogging and trying to get back to my goal that I daughter so hard to do in the beginning.

In the last 2 months I’ve become overly stressed and busy. From taking a phlebotomy class to my wedding I’m not sure where my life has been easy or simple.
I guess now that I’m about to start a “real” job and become a wife it won’t slow down much. Right?

Well I’ve finished an amazing class helping me to become a phlebotomist (draw blood) and I’m about to finish an 8 week externship. Yay working for free! (If only we got excited about working for free.) In just 8 weeks I can take my state exam and become a licensed phlebotomist. So if I ever see you I promise to be nice. 🙂

In this time frame I’ve also been doing a lot of swim instructing and lifeguarding. Now these are not dream job but they are something I enjoy. At least teach swim lessons are. Lifeguarding on the other had I don’t love but those moments you keep someone extra safe they do mean a lot. One great thing about being a swim instructor is I lose weight and I’m not working extremely hard. 🙂 Between aerobics classes 3 times a week and swimming back and forth with kids  (sometimes in my arms) 3 times a week a get a great workout. But my favorite thing is watching excitement on a person’s face for accomplishing something new. Children tend to melt my heart a little more but that could just be the fact I’m getting married and will be starting my own family.

Now the best and most stressful time the last 2 months has been MY WEDDING! It’s crazy in just 20 days I’ll become a wife. In just 20 days I’ll have a new name. In 20 days I’ll have less stress. (I hope.)
I’m excited because I only have a little left and then I’m home free! The only problem is money. Isn’t it always? We’re not struggling by any means but it something we need to keep reworking our budget for. It always seems like there is something else we need to do that is more important. You know like rent.
So our biggest stress is always money. And a little stress comes with worry we won’t get everything done in time. Truthfully I stress about everything and Thomas gets to be less worried since he isn’t here helping. Lucky!

Well here I am trying to get back into blogging. I’ll do it!

Talk soon,