30 Days of Thankful 

November 30, 2017

Today I’m thankful formula. With out it I’d have no way to feed my daughter. For me my breast milk dried up just 5 short weeks after she was born.

So thank you to the person who thought of formula.

Talk soon,



30 Days of Thankful

November 28, 2017

Today I am thankful for kind people. Over the course of Kairi’s life and that includes my pregnancy with her. Many friends, family, and even strangers donated clothing to her. I don’t know if donate is the right word exactly. But…. They all gave her some great clothes as hand me downs. These have been great because it has allowed us not to have to spend a lot of money on clothing. And although we could easily handle buying those items on our own it’s always appreciated not to have to worry about it.

So if you have children that out grow clothing and I know they do. Think about passing them on to someone else. And even if you don’t give they away free thing about selling them for very cheap. Clothing is expensive but food can be even more expensive. Cheap/free clothing allows our children to be stylish and extra adorable while we can spend money on what’s more important. FOOD. or you know DIAPERS. The two most important and expensive things children need.

Talk soon,


30 Days of Thankful

November 14, 2017

Today I’m thankful for parks.

Parks are the best! They create fun play areas for children, places to have a picnic, a photo spot, a place to relax, and so much more. 

My daughter isn’t old enough to play in a park really. So we don’t go often. But this week I’m watching a little girl. She loves the park. It’s been fun to run around and act like a little kid again.

Plus the best part of a park is it gets sll the energy out of the kids and gets them to nap. Downside (or maybe it’s an upside for you too) is that it also makes you tired and want a nap.

Talk soon,


Day in the Life of Kairi

The other day I took the time to try and think about what goes through my daughters mind. Obviously being as I’m not an 8 month old I don’t really know. So most of this is what I think might be going on and what I hope is going on. 

*I’ve never really writen like this before so it feels silly. I hope it turns out nice. 


The sun starts to rise, birds start to chirp, reveille starts to play on base, and a little baby cries out for her Mama. 

She’s awake and ready to play! But first food or maybe a diaper change. 
“Mama! Mama!” She says in her head while out loud it’s just a simple cry.

Down the hall Daddy is getting ready for work. He hears his baby girl and quickly goes to grab her. Letting his wife get just a few more minutes of sleep.

He opens the door slowly as to not startle the baby. The first thing he see’s is her smiling face. She never gives anything but a smile when she wakes up and he hopes that lasts a lifetime.

“Oh I hear a noise! I wonder who it is?” Kairi thinks to herself. “DADDY! Oh I love you daddy! Pick me up! Where’s Mama? Where’s Marco? Oh Daddy hurry up! Pick me up!”

And of course he does. He then takes her back to his room where Kairi plays on his bed while Mama sleeps and Daddy gets ready. After a while Daddy kisses everyone and heads off to work.

“Alright Mama it’s time for food! Get up get up get up! But uhh first give me a kiss!”

Mama smiles down at Kairi and gives her 3 big wet kisses. 

“Yuck Mommy that’s gross…. Wait are you done with the kisses? I wasn’t done! I guess thats okay. Give me FOOD! Don’t you know I’ve gone all nighy without food?”

Mama and Kairi head downstairs. 

“Mama I’ll play while you make me food. But don’t take to long. Ohhh look remote!” Kairir picks up the toy remote and starts chewing away. She also picks up and puts down every toy within reach and then goes and empties her toy basket.

“I hope Mama doesn’t mind this mess? Nah she likes cleaning up after me. I mean my toys are always back in the basket every time I wake up. That must mean she loves taking care of my toys!”

A few minutes later Mama returns with a sippy cup of formula and cereal for herself.

“Ma what’s up with this sippy cup in the morning again? Don’t you like holding me and a bottle? Well I guess if your hungry too then you can eat.”

Mamas stomach growls loudly.

“Wow what was that? Did that come from you Mama? Did you eat a bear? That’s cool!” Kairi rolls over and procedes to finish her whole bottle.

2 minutes later. Bottle empty. Diaper full. Cereal half gone. 

“Alright mom. Change me! Now!”

“Cold cold cold! Come on lady do you need to use a cold wipe?”

*Couple hours of play passes by and now it’s time for nap time. (Sweet giggles and happy play then a switch flips and it’s cries and yawns).


“Oh now you want to snuggle me. Why don’t you snuggle me evertime I eat anymore? It’s okay I still love you!”

All the bottle but half an oz are gone and Kairi is practically asleep. So Mama goes to lay her in bed.

“Wait! I wasn’t finished. I’m awake I’m awake… yawn… Okay I’m not awake. Put me in bed!”

Sleeps peacfully for 3 hours.


“WHATS THAT! Oh just Mama! Come on I was sleeping. Why are you waking me up? Well I guess if I’m awake you can change me!”

“Don’t put me down….Put me down! I want to play!”

“Mama where did I come from? From an egg? That’s so confusing….”

“Mama why do you feed me yucky prunes and carrots? I guess if you have to feed me those then I have to make a mess.”

20 minutes later and a VERY large mess. 

“Mommy why do I need to be clean? I like messes! Fine take away my fun and clean me up!”

“LET’S PLAY! I want to bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Woooo that’s a lot of work. I’m done bouncing.”

Mama comfortably on the floor relaxing.

“Mama watchya doin? I’m going to join. Oh look hair! I’m just going to touch it. Don’t worry I’ll be nice.”

“Mama why are you making that face? Does this hurt? Here let me try again. MAMA don’t move your hair. I was having fun! Hmph fine move your hair. I’ll just crawl all over you and kick you.”

Just a little more play time and then it’s time for Kairis nap.

She gets extra whiny and impatient.

“MAMA HURRY UP! I want that bottle. HURRY!”

Instant sleep! And hapily for 72 minutes. No more time and no less time. 

“Mama come get me! I have a special gift for you. Hehehe”

Clean diaper and ready to play.

“Mama why does daddy have to work? Why can’t he stay home and play with us all day?”

Time for food and more mess.

“Food food food. Oh yummy food.”

“Mama can we play now? Who am I kidding of course we can.”

As the day wears on and fun is had it gets closer to bath time and bed time. The dreaded bed time.

“Mama is it bath time? Ohhh it is. Yay!”

“Splish splash taken a bath! Mama you’re right that is catchy!”

Mama pours water over Kairi.

“Ugh Mama we talked about this. Why do I always need cleaned?”

“Cold cold cold. Hurry up lady and put clothes on me. It’s cold!”

Pj’s on Mama about to read a book (Goodnight Moon) and bottle in hand.

“Good night cow, goodnight moon, nighty night little old lady, night night stars, night everyone.”

“Mama I love you. One more hug okay?”

“Wait just one more. Maybe two?”

“I promis last hug and kiss!”

“Mama tell daddy to give me a kiss when he gets home!”

Few hours later Daddy is home and it’s almost time for a late late snack.


“Oh hi daddy! I see mama told you I wanted a kiss.”

“Oh you’re picking me up? Awesome lets snuggle.”

“You brought food too! YAY!”

Bottle gone and almost alseep.

“Night Daddy. I love you!”

Fast asleep and asleep until morning.


This is a “normal” schedule for Kairi. Like I said before I obviously don’t know what she was actually thinking. But I hope her thoughts are as happy as these.

Also no laughing if the writing style is bad. I’ve never written like this. And I probably won’t for a while. It was hard.

30 Days Thankful

November 5, 2017

Today I’m thankful for my daughter. I’m thankful that all she knows is love. And that she loves me. I love her sweet smiles and even those sad tears. I love that she kets me cuddle her to make every bumped head better and kiss every booboo. She’s almost 8 months old and she has me so wrapped around her cute little finger. 

But most importantly she made me who I’ve always wanted to be. A mother. And I’m so excited to grow as a mother and she grows into her life. I find myself constantly looking at her with happy tears in my eyes. All I care about is that she grows to be a healthy amazing little girl. And that she always knows I love her more than I ever knew was possible.

I love you baby girl!

Talk soon,