6 Month Update

6 months on September 9, 2017

12 pounds 1 oz, 24 inches long, and her head circumfrence is 41.5 cm.

This month Kair started tons of baby food! She loves baby cereal and peas. But she doesn’t really care for squash or peaches. She also still drinks 4 oz at every feed. She eats a ton and loves trying food!

Kairi loves to chew on things especially Mama and Daddys fingers. Her teething has picked up but still nothing has shown up. I feel so mad when she’s in pain. And I gave up changing her clothes often from slobber. It’s not often but when it does I just let it go.

This month sbe can officially roll botb directions without any help! And she LOVES to laugh. And that laugh is the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard.

Talk soon,



5 Month Update

5 months on August 9, 2017!

This month her Auntie Sara (my sister) flew all the way to Hawaii just to meet her! They played a ton and had so much fun with each other. It was adorable!

This month Kairi went on her 2nd trip but also her farthest trip. She flew to Mighigan! While here she met her Auntie Hannah, Alyssa, and Maddie, and Uncle Dalton, Logan, Curtis, and Michel (Thomas’ brothers and sisters). She also met my family Great Grandma Janet and Bev, Great Aunt Jackie and Dawn, and her cousins Heather, Angelica, Graham, Emily, Connor, and her baby cousin Paisley inside Angelicas belly! And her family on her dads side. Great Grandm Jackie and Monga, Great Grandpa Joe, Great Aunt Dee and Nicki, Great Uncle Tom and Dave, step parents Tracy (Natalies Husband) and Mick (Dwains partner), and last bit not least cousin Devan, Abbie, Libby, Melanie, Gabe, and Cooper. And so many more extended family and friends on both sides. All in all she had a busy but fun time in Michigan.

The best part of this month is Kairi startrd trying to roll from front to back. She can do it both directions with a little assistance. It’s Amazing!

Talk soon,


4 Month Update

4 months on July 9, 2017!

10 pounds 8.2 oz and she’s in the 8th percentile (in the premie category).

Kairi smiles a ton and she’s started to giggle! Kairi loves to play with toys! Her favorite are her toy keys, she loves to chew on anyones hands and her own feet. Oh yeah she started the teething process but no teeth have come through yet.

Kairi now recognizes her Mama! I walk in the room and she seeks me out. If I walk around the room she tracks my movement. Its adorable. She even does it with her dad but not as much. She’ll track him but she doesn’t really try to seek him out when he first enters a room.

Talk soon,


3 Month Update

3 months on June 9, 2017.

8 pounds 6 oz!

This month Kairo met her maternal Grandpa Russ! And with grandpa we went to the beach and felt ocean water for the first time! She didn’t love it but I don’t think she disliked it. But it was sunny and I didn’t want her to be in the sun. Great thing about Hawaii is they have tons of shade at the beaches. My favorite is they have grass areas! (I’m not a huge fan of sand and it’s definetly not fun to get off a baby).

Kairi loves to sleep, eat, and cuddle. Cuddling is my favorite part. But my second favorite part is she started sleep through the night! Well midnight to 8am.

Talk soon,


2 Month Update

2 months old on May 9, 2017!

Lots of great things im store for this month!

7 pounds 7 oz and 19.75 inches.

This is the first time I REALLY started to notice her growing up. It’s also the month I cried the most knowing she is growing up.

This girl could eat! I was no longer giving her any breast milk. She was eatimg 3-4 oz at basicay every feed. This girl also hit a fase where she tried skipping her morning naps.

This month Kairi took her first flight! Our family had to pcs (military move) and we unfortunatly had to go when she was 5 weeks old. We moved to HAWAII! We stayed 4 days in a hotel but it all worked out great and she was the perfect travel companion! Although take a look at what happened just as we were gettingnoff the plane. 👇

Kairi LOVES to smile and is constantly sticking her tounge out. Its so adorable. She also started recognizing my voice. If I came into a room and talked she’d perk up and search for me. 

And man oh man can this child poop! Clears a room I tell ya!

Talk soon,


1 Month Update 

Ah my daughter is 7 months old on Monday but I want to go back and make an update over the last few months. So here goes!

1 Month on April 9, 2017!

Kairi was 5 pounds 11 oz and 18 inches long. She didn’t grow much but I was just happy to see her grow.

This month we had a few struggles with eating. I tried as hard as I could to breast feed but in my gut I knew something just wasn’t working. All the doctors and nurses said her latch was great and they could feel the milk knots in my breast and when I pumped I got a good amount out. It took a while to finally figure out Kairi couldn’t suck get out the amount she needed the way a pump would. And as time went even the pump couldn’t do the job. So I learned a baby should take no more than 30 minutes to eat. And for Kairi it sometimes took up to an hour. We switched to formula along with any milk I could pump and it started to make feeding so much easier. (We even had a friend who had twins and was producing TONS of kilk and actually donated about a weeks worth of breast milk. It was great. Thanks Gwen!)

*Baby tip: A simple way to know if your child is full after a feed is to lift their arm and let it drop. You just lift it a couple inches and if it drops like a ton of bricks it means they are full. If it looks like they are stiff and it drops slowly then they probably are not 100% full. Now obviously results vary and everh child is different. But it’s a relatively universal trick. I like to do it while my daughter is drinking her last quarter ouncenofher bottle because then she’s focused on the food and not me messing with her arm.

Oh my goodness this girl loves tummy time and raspberry kisses. She’s the sweetest. She also smiles at me often and in her sleep. Smiling at other family including her dad are not usually as intentional or consistent.

Kairi her first hospital stay for 4 days. All was good. I was sick and unfortunatly we learned my breast milk was passing it to her. But the great thing was she was eatimg formula as well so it helped her not get as sick as me. It also gave her body thw ability to have strength to fight it off. However she wasn’t eating enough, throwing up, diarrhea, and we were already on the verge of failure to thrive. So for Kairis best interest we took ber and theh admitted her. All they did was switch her to more fortified formula and track her weight gain. No fluids and I was surprised by that but also happy my sweet baby didn’t have an IV.

This month Kairi met not only her Mama and daddy she also met a few friends and grandparents. She met her maternal Grandma “Nana” Tasha, her paternal Grandpa “Bird” Dwain, and her paternal Grandma “Grammy” Natalie. (Thanks grandparents for visiting and helping us so much). She also met Veronica and Brian and their cute kids Jed and Dax. She also met a few other great church friends of her Mama and Daddy. This month she recieved so much love and met so many new people.

Kairi also went to church for the first time this month and didn’t cry once! She also started showing intrest in liking music!

Talk soon,


Ahhh Time is flying 

I had hoped to write a weekly post about my daughter but it just hasn’t happened. She’s 7 weeks old we’ve moved to Hawaii and so much more has happened. The only thing I can remember right now is how tired I am. I’m determined to get back to writing. 

But all of you thatbhave no kids or have older kids and get sleep please think of me! Please! There is only so much sleep a 7 week old baby allows you to have when she’s a premie and her doctors won’t let her go more than 3 hours of time before eating again. (Most full term babies have started to sleep longer than 3 hours by now).

Talk soon,