Destination Oahu

So we’ve now lived in Oahu for a full year! I thought I’d share a few places here on island that I’ve LOVED visiting!

1st. Ko ‘Olina Lagoons. Specifically Lagoon 2. The water is warm and calm. The beach isn’t that crowded. My favorite thing is the grassy patches and the shade right by the beach! I really don’t like sand and honestly with a 1 year old it’s easier to play on grass. Plus shade is on of the most important thing to have with outside play. Just be sure to pack a lunch because the store and restaurants in the area are a tad on the pricey side.



If I won the Lottery….

If I won the lottery I’d first have to find out how much the lottery is. I have to be honest I’ve never paid enough attention to that stuff. I know it can get pretty big but I’m not sure how big. So I’m probably going to max out the actual number but here’s what if like the lottery to offer me….

If I won the lottery I’d love for it to pay off my student loans and pay for me to finish school (after scholarships and what not).

If I won the lottery I’d love for it to pay off any lines of credit my husband and I might have. So credit cards or even car loans.

If I won the lottery I’d like to put a small chunk of change in a savings account for all of our children. I’d like them to use it on things like a car or even to help pay for college. But when I say small chunk of change I do mean small. I just want to give them a start to their savings. I’d also like to put a small chunk away for my husband and I have have. Nothing special maybe for a rainy day or an emergency.

If I won the lottery and had any left over (and since I don’t actually know how much the lottery is I’m pretty there is a decent amount left) I’d like to donate it to a worthy cause. Non profits such as March of Dimes, M.E.N.D., Susan G. Komen, St. JUDES, or any other no profit that might be important to me.

I might be crazy to want so much but truthfully if I won the lottery I’d want it to fulfill so many things in my life.

The reality is if I won the lottery I’d spend a portion on my car loan and put some fluff in my savings. Most importantly give back to my church and donate to a worthy cause.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Talk soon,



I’ve recently taken time to give myself Mommy time. It’s been a much needed 1 hour day to spend time with just me.

I take a bath, read, watch a movie, or even take a nap. It’s a great time to recharge and just feel altogether well rested.

Taking a few moments to myself has really helped me be more motivated to clean, excited to lay on the floor and play with my daughter, and not feel stressed. It’s also been great because it allows one on one time with my husband and daughter.

But honestly sometimes I can only get 5 minutes to have mommy time and that’s okay. Even just a few minutes is a great way to recharge.

How do you spend your mommy time?

Talk soon,



The only possible way for me to get everything done is to do it while my daughter naps. I swear she never lets me leave her sight when she’s awake. Not only that she also be in the toy room.

Goodness gracious she’s an interesting little girl.

Honestly though I wish I had all the energy, encouragement, motivation, whatever to get everything done. I wish I could keep am absolutely clean house all the time. I can’t even keep is clean for a whole 24 hours.

Maybe it’ll finally happen in 10 or so years when my children are older. But I doubt it.

How do you #getterdone?

Talk soon,



Do ypunknow how often I’ve forgotten to pack a bottle to feed my daughter when we left the house? Literally at least 2 times a month the first 6 months she was alive. Seriously how do you forget to pack a bottle? It’s the only way I could feed her!

Thank goodness for basically every store in America having purchase. It was always a hand to head kind of momemt.

Another mom fail was forgetting lists. Grocery lists, list of questions for doctors, Christmas present lists. Pretty much any list I made I would forget it. Drove me nuts.

And honestly there are plenty of mom fail moments and I’m sure there will be many many more.

What are your mom fails?

Talk soon,



So if you’ve followed my blog long enough you’d know I had an ectopic pregnancy before I had my daughter Kairi. I used to think in had the strongest heart to be able to handle that situation the way I did. To grow and become an even better mom after a loss. And I still believe this….

But…. I met a lady in my MOPS (Moms of Preschoolers) who talked about struggling with infertility and had multiple losses and failed attempts. But even after all the loss she kept trying. She never gave up. Then one day she finally had her rainbow baby.

To see that kind or strength made me realize that I may have a warrior heart but she is the true warrior.

To those women and families that struggle with infertility, miscarriage, infant loss, and anything in between you are the true MVPs. You are the best parents because even through all that you still have the strength to be amazing. And those of you who haven’t had your rainbow baby I still think your MVPs. Because even though your babies Might Not be in your arms you still have scuba strong love for them.

Talk soon,



So recently my daughter Kairi has really been testing the limits. She turned 1 last week and all of a sudden she’s on my last nerve trying to do every dangerous thing.

Climbing out of the tub, climbing on the toy box, trying to bite the dog. I swear you think of it she’s probably tried doing it.

Today alone I’ve said “don’t even thing about it” at least 10 times.

Honestly though the person I say it to the most is my husband. I swear he drives my more crazy than our daughter does. At least for him it’s just trying to get out of cleaning or play some video games when we’re busy. I’m pretty sure he really is a second child. But I love him dearly.

Talk soon,