Ah yes Mom life…. The never ending journey of growth!

Technically I became a mother the day I found out I was pregnant with my angel baby. I never expected my first mom life momemt to be mixed with such joy and sadness in such a short time. I knew I was pregnant for 2 weeks before I found out I had lost my baby. I then spent another 2 weeks of technically being pregnant and another month after that where I was no longer pregnant but my body felt like it was. I went from being so excited and ready to being a mom to wanting to crawl under a rock and never come out.

I talked with people and shared my sadness but I never truly told anyone how much pain I was in. Not even my husband. It was a pain that I just couldn’t explain. And honestly it was a pain I felt I deserved. Now don’t get me wrong I knew there was nothing I did wrong and sometimes these things happen. But all I could think was how it was MY body that couldn’t grow this baby and MY body rejected not anyone else’s. Mine! I read a few books and prayed a lot and I finally came to turns with everything. But even 2 years later I still have my moments where I fall back into that sadness and anger at myself.

But then I got pregnant with my daughter Kairi. I had a new mom life moment. One filled with joy and happiness. One that’s also filled with sleepy nights and cold meals. You know because if baby doesn’t sleep then I don’t sleep. Not to mention everyone’s gotta have food before I even get a moment to sit. But I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Then it leads into my new mom life moment! I officially got the all clear to try for another baby! Even with all the crazy in my life I’m excited to go at it again! Baby number 2 here we come!

Talk soon,



30 Days of Thankful

November 11, 2017

Today I’m thankful for dessert.

No explination needed.
But because my post should probably be longer than 2 sentences here goes. 

Pumpkin pie. Chocolate chip cookies. No bake cookies. Chocolate ice cream. Brownies. Chocolate Fudge. 

What’s your favorite dessert?

Talk soon,


P.s. Can you see a pattern in my life?

Favorite Fall Tradition/Activity 

I feel like everyone talks about their favorite traditions and what not as being all about Halloween and pumpkin carving. Or any other common tradition that I feel most everyone does anyways. 

Me, I love traditions that are not always common. 

My favorite tradition is spending time looking at the changes in the leaves. Even more I love laying in the yard looking at the trees feeling the fall breeze. Sometimes I feel like if I sit out in the yard long enough I can watch the colors change right before my eyes. 

A tradition my family does specifically is one final lazy boat ride. In my hometown we have this river chain that leads through a beautiful area of trees. Not to mention the beautiful colors. At the end of the river there was this beautiful (ar at least I think it was beautiful) old log mill that was recently used for electricity. I loved the old water wheel outside that mill that ran it. However in the recent years it’s burned down but it’s still beautiful. The sight has always been one to stick to my memory and never leave. 

Now those are my potentially uncommon traditions but don’t let that fool you. I still love all the common traditions. I love decorating the house and drinking apple cider. I also love passing out candy and as I child I loved finding the perfect costume. And obviously getting all the candy I could!

This year I live in an apartment but I don’t plan to let that stop me from decorating. I found a cute picture of dressing your door as a mummy and I’m excited to try it out. I’m also looking forward to finding a cute pregnancy costume. Then in the future cute childrens costumes and family costumes. 

What are your favorite fall traditions?

Talk soon,


Chicken Parmesan 

Pregnancy craving alert!

Let me start off with I don’t really measure anything. It’s pretty much a trial and error process. However it isn’t hard to eyeball what you think is best. Also feel free to mix and match all you do!

The first thing my dad always said when cooking was “Marena gather your mise en place…. You don’t know what it means? Look it up!” I’ll save you the time and tell you it just means gather all your supplies before you start. He always said this helps make sure you don’t forget a step or realize you’re missing something after your hands are messy. I have two mise en place just because I don’t want my cold stuff sitting out while the chicken bakes.

Set #1 

Food items!

4 Chicken tenders (Feel free to use what you like. This is what my husband loves so it’s what I use. I also use frozen mean I just defrost it making sure not to cook the chicken).

Flour about a cup. (This varries on the amount and thickness of your chicken. In the end I had just a tad to much but I also asked my husband to get it for me so that was my fault).

2 eggs. (Again you may need more based on the chicken. I also found with 4 tenders I really only needed 1 egg).

1 cup bread crumbs (You can totally make your own or get seasoned. Mine is just plain).

Dash of Italian seasoning and Chile powder. (I only used this because my break crumbs were plain).

Dash of Mrs. Dash chicken seasoning (this is to season the chicken so if you’d rather just use salt and pepper then go for it).

Good helping of Parmesan. (Fresh or bottle like I used).

Non food items!

Napkins (trust me! Fingers get messy).

A fork. 

Baking dish of your choice. (I’m not sure on the size of mine but it doesn’t need to be super think or thin. Just go with what you have).

3 bowls. (I like them to be a little bigger however I used small ones because my bigger dishes were washing).

*So normally chicken parm is pan fried to get a good crisp if you do this skip the baking dish. I have been baking more because with my pregnancy I get tired standing to long. 

Let’s get cooking!

  1. Pre heat oven to 400 degrees. 
  2. Mix the seasonings and the bread crumbs if you want to add extra seasoning along with your good helping of parmeasan!
  3. Season the raw chicken
  4. Dip chicken and fully coat with flour. 
  5. Transfer to egg and fully coat. 
  6. Transfer to bread crumbs and really make sure it’s coated!
  7. Place in baking dish with even spaces. 
  8. Bake chicken on both sides 8-10 minutes. (Or pan fry the same way).

* If you don’t have a big enough dish you’ll make a mess. Or maybe It’s just me who makes messes. 

*Dont mind the peanut butter or zip lock bag. After I cleaned up I planned to make my husbands lunch. He seemed to think I’d forget to make it so he sat it on the table. 

Set #2

Any pasta you want (mine is from Cosco. Use the amount that works for your family).

Any pasta sauce (again use the right amount for your family).

1/4 of the bag mozzarella (use more or less with what you like. This was a tad much but my husband is a cheese fan. You can also use provolone or any cheese you like).

Optional would be garlic bread. (I want to say I made it myself Bu after making the rest of the food I want to be lazy so I use Texas toast).

Let’s get cooking!

  1. Cook pasta based on package. 
  2. Bake bread 8-10 minutes. 
  3. Put cheese on chicken and bake for 3-5 minutes. (You can also do the cheese during the last 5 minutes of chicken cooking. I do it this way because I want to be able to check the chicken is fully done. It’s pregnancy thing I’m sure I could put it on but I get nervous).
  4. Heat sauce. 

*If you pay attention and start cooking the pasta and bread at the right time while the chicken is baking everything can be done at the same time!

Here is the finished product!

The best part of my night is when my husband said he LOVED it and would eat it again. He’s a picky eater. 

How do you make your chicken parm? If you try it out let me know how it goes!

Talk soon,


My 90’s Favorites! Oh the Things I Miss!

I’m a 90’s baby and boy do I miss those 90’s things. Like the cartoons I want to come back, the toys I played with, and all those crazy gadgets. 


1. Furby you know even to this day I’m not really sure what kind of animal it was. But I loved taking care of it like a real pet. 

2. Water Wiggler these were those tube things filled with water and glitter and sometimes small toys. As you held it, it wiggles around. I usually played with this in the tub because it made it more slippery. 

3. Hit Clips those little devices that played like 30 seconds of top hit songs. I listened to hit me baby one more time so many times I’d lose count. 

4. Easy Bake Oven I loved making little treats with these. I felt like a cook just like my mom. As it turned out those treats were usually yummy too. However I hear the little ovens now a days don’t cook as well. 

5. Barbie I especially loved the family Barbie she was pregnant and had a baby. I loved taking care of my own family. 

TV Shows and Movies!

1. Rugrats man did I love watching Tommy and the gang get into their adventures. I recently took a 35 question quiz in Rugrats and got it 100% right. I realized then how much I loved that show. 

2. Teletubbies don’t laugh I was a young 90’s kid and for whatever reason this caught my attention. 

3. Scooby Doo all the way. This is another show I can tell you everything 100% correct. This love comes from my dad as the original aired when my dad was a kid. 

4. Full House but honestly who didn’t watch this show?

4. Family Matters man I loved Steve Urkel. I had tons of laughs. I wish this was still airing. This show was one my whole family would settle down after dinner and watch together. 

5. Space Jam the wacky loony tunes characters and Michle Jordan made this movie so fun I felt I was playing basketball myself. 

6. Beauty and the Beast Bell is my favorite Disney princess. 

Honestly there are hundreds more but that’d take forever. 


1. Hit Me Baby One More Time by Britany Spears. 

2. Macarena

3. Say My Name by Destiny Child

4. I Want it That Way by Back Street Boys

Again there are tons of songs I could go on forever. 
I feel like there are so many 90’s things I loved so much that I could go on forever. 

What are some of your favorite 90’s things? Were you a 90’s kid (or adult works too I guess)?
Talk soon,


Top 5 Favorite TV Shows at the Moment 

This summer I’ve been bored. I’m not sure why but I’ve wanted to be a couch potato most days. It honestly probably has to do with the heat. I’ve never been in Cali in July and August so I’m going with maybe it’s the So Cal heat. Plus since I found out I’ve been pregnant I’ve been pretty tired (I hear that’s normal). So by the time I get ready for the day I want a nap. Then it’s time for me to do any cleaning that needs done or cooking dinner before my husband gets home. 

Anyways back to my top 5 favorite shows!

5. Underground BBQ Challenge basically Chef G. Garvin finds a city and puts two areas head to head with BBQ challenge. Whoever wins gets a money prize and the side of town that wins gets bragging rights. (Unfortunately for me I get lots of cravings or aversions. Thank you pregnancy!)

4. Beat Bobby Flay Bobby Flay is an iron chef. He puts two chefs (some classically trained some not) head to head. Then 3 judges decide who will go on to compete against Bobby Flay. The specialty thing is the winner picks a surprise meal to cook making it more difficult for Bobby Flay. 

3. Family Guy Do I need to explain the show? This isn’t my favorite show but it does pass the time! 

2. The Office My husband and I have really been enjoying this show. It’s a small town paper company living their daily lives. It shows the funny antics and life of all the characters. It’s great to watch and relax while eating dinner. Or just when we’re bored. 

1. Psych This is my absolute favorite show of all time. It follows a “psychic” detective and a few other real detectives solving crimes and having fun while doing it!
I know these aren’t a ton of shows but they have been great! To some of you they may also be strange. But hey try it out. 

I’ll also always take recommendations!

Talk soon,


February Favorites!

So I have seen this trend on YouTube where the vloggers do a favorites video for every month. I thought it’d be fun to transition that into a monthly post every month on my blog. So here are my most used and favorite things of February.


I am loving the Maybelline New York eye shadow in the Chi Latte pallet

I love the back because it shows me where to put each color specifically on my eye.

The shade is nice because I can make it more neutral if I’m wanting a relaxed day look or heavier if I’m wanting a more date night look. The best is I can even use the darkest shade (I don’t use it often) for a clubbing look.

I am loving Queen of the Fill by Elizabeth Mott tinted brow gel in the medium dark shade

I received this as a sample size by Ipsy. (It’s a 5 sample pack you receive of different items every month.) I love the way it forms over my eye brows. It doesn’t clump and it melds with my eye brows perfectly. I love that it doesn’t feel itchy or feel like it’s drying out. I also like that it doesn’t flake.


I am loving Vintage by Jessica Liebeskind

It is very nice lip gloss. It is glittery but not in little kids kind of way. It’s called vintage and it totally reminds me of being an old school look in a new age way.


I am loving French Lavender & Honey by Bath & Body Works

I love how fresh and beautiful this perfume smells. It can over power if you use too much. So one squirt is perfect.



With my husband and I being sick off and on this month we have used tons of Kleenax.

I am loving the shape and design of this kleenax box. It is slender and fits everywhere. Plus it matches our apartments decor.


I am also loving this teeth whitening tooth paste Colgate Optic White. 

I definitely notice a different in my teeth. I’ve even convinced my husband to try it. It says it works in 3 days. I don’t necessarily know if that’s true but it does work quickly. I also love that it’s enamel safe. Some teeth whitening pastes can be bad for your enamel meaning you shouldn’t use it more than a few days in a row but with this paste I don’t need to worry about using a second paste.



I am loving Crystal Light Pink Lemonade for 12 quart pitchers.

Not only is it yummy but it’s healthier and it allows my husband and I to drink more water. I love that crystal light has many flavors and has water bottle packets for personal use.


I am loving these whole Dried Blueberries from Cocso.

I have been using them with my trail mixes, eating them in my cereal, and I’ve been eating them just as their own.


House Hold 

I got this as a gift for Christmas from my dad. You put 3 tea light candles in it. It’s very nice. It says I Am The Way, The Truth, The Life John 14:6



I am also LOVING Fresh Flowers. The brighter the colors the better!




My little dog loves snuggling with his little Hedge Hog from Pet Smart

Isn’t it cute? It took him a while to warm up to it but now I’ll throw it across the room when I need to leave the apartment and he’ll run for hit. However he still hates the squeaker in it.




Do you use any of these? Let me know what your February favorites are!


Talk soon,



*February Favorites photo is not mine. The rest are mine